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Dangers of Low Bodyfat?



Someone told me that having a bodyfat as low as 6% can cause health problems.

Is that true? Or is 6 percent a healthy range? I'm going for that ripped look, but I also want something that I can realistically maintain without getting any health problems.


Seeing as how fat is used for a good number of things in your body (normal/emergency food, brain food, lining just about every part of your organs, among other things), I don't see why you would want to walk around at under 10% unless you're getting ready for a bodybuilding comp.


What's wrong with 10-12%?


Hey dude, picture isn't showing...

10-12% just doesn't seem enough... I wanna be as ripped as Bruce Lee before bulking like a grizzly bear.


Picture shows just fine here. Might be your browser or something, or it might just take a bit for moderation to approve it or something.

Anyway, google image search "builtlean bodyfat".


I have that picture saved in my laptop. And I do prefer the 6-7%.


Do what makes you happy. If that's what you want to do, do that.


Weren't you complaining about YouTube not working too in another post? What kind of computer and browser are you using?


Essential body fat for men is 3-5% (ACSM). Getting down to the 6% range is usually something only bodybuilders can accomplish right before a contest. It really is too low to sustain for more than a short period.

Something like 8-12% is more of a level that can be maintained long term. Genetics will most likely play a role in where in that range is realistic for you individually


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