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Dangers of Daily Commute


I live on a small island just outside of Hong Kong proper called Cheung Chau. It is, appropriately, shaped like a dumbell and I live on the upper left part of the top 'bell, about twenty minutes uphill from where the ferry docks. It's a fantastic place to live with an ocean view from a cliff, no cars, beaches, a billion restaurants, and a walk through what is basically verdant jungle that keeps me from having to do any hamster work at the gym.

The area is full of cicadas, frogs, and when I get home at night I am trailing cobwebs like someone from a horror movie. Fantastic.There are also snakes. I like snakes. Have since I was a kid. Had a few garter snakes. Never seen a wild snake.

So, one day, my girlfriend, our friend who was staying with us, and I were heading down to the beach. Beautiful day - hot and sunny. Came round a bed and there was this woman waving frantically at us for some reason. We looked and saw why. Two rather large - long and thick - snakes were involved in coilus, tangling about each other and thrashing about. It was quite violent and quite lengthy. Oh, and they were cobras. Not king cobras, mind you, which are also there, just regularly lethal cobras.They finished eventually and slithered off, one up the bank, and the other down. I was chuffed for the day. Thank god I had taken my camera.

Anyhow, I have a flashlight with me when I come home through the night now.
What are some of the dangers you face?


Gangsters, terrorists and other miscellaneous riff raff.

My wife when she gets pissed off.

That type of thing


Terrorists?!! You live in the middle east?


Bad drivers, namely me...


Just bad drivers and rocks that are attracted to my nearly verticle windshield. I think the guy that was shooting cars on the turnpike is laying low now.


THE GAP - between and train and the station platform.

It's a real killer...


lol well don't forget to MIND it

I face the danger of bees, which kill more people each year than snakes, spiders and sharks combined


I love the gap. Or, rather, the announcements and signs telling us to beware of the all consuming, ravenous gap, like it some kind of chasm or bottomless pit. It's great when it's announced in about four languages, too.