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Dangers in Bodybuilding vs Mens Physique

Mens physique vs bodybuilding. Does it have the same level of danger for health???

What kind of cycles and drugs they use in bodybuilding and mens physique?

Danger to health?

No reason for a person in either catagory to be un healthy.

And there are people of all shapes and sizes who abuse steroids and drugs to try and acheive a certain physique goal.

The only difference in my opinion is people who compete in physique and fitness model catagories tend to be better looking and dont want to eat as much food or lift as heavy as traditional bodybuilding… Steroids will still be used but to create a more athletic appearence… And obviously the people who do well are naturally athletic looking.

Within my friendship circle and people I know it seems steroids are abused more so in the physqique catagories… with arrogant attitudes towards gear and the whole lifestyle.


I’ve talked with some guys from the physique categories and the amount of fat burnners (dnp,eca,t3) and diuretics they used was insane. This probably applies to the heavier categories as well, but man those guys were pushing it

yeah from what I’ve heard there doesn’t seem to be much difference between drug protocols for physique and bodybuilding. Seems like your genetics are the deciding factor more than anything.

I know big bodybuilder dudes who hardly use anything, and physique guys who use a ton. Just depends on how you respond I guess.

Guy like jeff seid what kind of cyucles he uses?

Just assume every top bodybuilder in any form or catagory is using everything but genetics, diet, training style and amounts of gear used are all varied from person to person.

I am good friends with people on slin, gh, tren a, mast p, test p, winny and halo that are a few weeks out from a mens physique show - They are 10yrs older than me, slight guys in stature with good conditioning and are least 32lbs lighter than myself. I am currently cruising on 250mg test e and at 225lbs I am the leanest, strongest and healthiest I have ever been with a ton more muscle mass than those people and stronger on the big heavy compounds…

Everyone is on something. Everyone will respond differently to different amounts. The people who do well wont need as much gear as the people who dont do so well…

How tall are you? I imagine if your less than 6’0 225lbs is already quite big specialyt if your lean.


Getting there lol, gotta get shredded and stay shredded this summer, and keep getting bigger!

My goal is smth like 190-200 at single digit bodyfat (7-8), I’m 5’9.5. Basicly I dont wanna be a freak but I wanna have a respectfull physique. No idea what kind of cell tech this requires but im gonna keep training naturaly for at least 2 more years.

5’9", 200lbs at a true 7% bodyfat would be a very big boy indeed

not possible natty sadly

unlikely, but I dunno if I’d say impossible


I miss him.

dude was entertaining. I’ll give him that

I mean U could get to 200 but not at a true 7%.

yeah I know what you meant. I’d still be loathe to say it was impossible. There’s some dudes with insane genetics out there.

Even with that it would take close to a decade I blv if there ius anyone with that genetic potential.

I’m pretty confident someone like Ronnie Coleman (Ronnie specifically, for that matter) could have gotten to that point naturally. He was an absolute freak. Dude was 270 on stage at a lower bodyfat percent than that. Steroids are great and all, but they’re not going to turn a guy who can’t get to 200/7% naturally into THAT.

yeah that’s basically my thinking as well.

EDIT: Jay Cutler was competing in, and winning, heavyweight shows a year after he started training.

Well I would never want to look like Ronnie Coleman tho. Just a disgusting look.

Golden Era and Mens physique for me is a much better look.

but hey thats just my opinion.