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Dangerous Hatred in the US


The white evangelicals are at it again attempting to turn the US into a theocracy through violent means. The FBI has uncovered several of their attempted bombing and murder plots before anyone was hurt, thankfully:




Keep your eyes peeled. Every church is a potential threat; every Bible wielder a potential violent fanatic. Things could get ugly. Maureen Dowd, Max Blumenthal and the $PLC are preparing statements and documentaries.


Your facetiousness, did not translate well. It actually sounds like the words you wrote...I thought you were talking about the Westboro Baptist Church or something like that.


What exactly is your point?


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no one is discussing the apparent busted terror plots here. Interesting.


No one here is going to acknowledge that the Obama administration actually stopped a terror plot here in the US. You might have likewise noticed the lack of noise concerning Obama calling Iran out for hiding a "nucular" enrichment plant. And all without any color coded warnings, even.

They're all waiting for Rush and Hannity to send out the talking points on how to turn these into negative attacks on the Nazi Muslim Socialist black dude. We should see some of the standard bullshit in a day or two. pushy? trivialis? You guys got anything yet?


Not really, I thought that the stories of the Bush government how one slightly retarded kid would build a space rocket in his parents garage and wipe out half of mankind if not for the heroic of the HOMELAND SECURITY slightly exagerrrated and I think Obama looks even more ridiuclous doing it, given his campaign promises.

Anyway, I guess if you spend 3 billion on anal probes alone, all in the name of security, you must have something to show for it.


I've never really made any noise on either administration's "anti-terror" successes. As always, you can rarely assign blame or commendation to a political administration for the work of ongoing street agents and intelligence analysts. There are some notable exceptions, of course, but most busts are due to the diligence of the agents on the ground and in the intelligence gathering.


Mr. Obama is a bad man, he is black and is from Africa, he wants to kill Grandma he is a white supremist and he wants to steal your money. America is going to hell and it has all started in the last nine months

There I said it :slightly_smiling:


Look pal, I praised Obama when he properly handled the situation with the pirates and our captain and I'd praise him here if he had anything whatsoever to do with this. We could have had anybody in the whitehouse or nobody for these arrests to have gone down just like they did. The relevant tools and apparatus were put in place in the wake of 911. If he decides to do the right thing in Afghanistan I'll praise him again, but there is actually leadership required there so the jury's still out which is in itself already bad. That should have been handled in accordance with the recommendations of his field commanders already and yes that is relevant.

There are 300 million other Americans who were also breathing while these plots were being foiled and who also deserve no credit in their success. When he actually does something or makes a decision that facilitates anything significant I will recognize that as such.


How did this become about Obama? Did he play a part in the counter-operation?


If they hadn't caught these guys this would have been all about Obama.

It will still be somehow something bad about Obama, they just haven't had time to get the spin right and the memo sent out. John S should have something by tomorrow morning, I'm sure.


What does he have to do with this? He really didn't factor into my thinking on this one at all. Well, he sort-of did. We had another post about white people coming out of the woodworks against Obama because, (according to the barren dowager Maureen Dowd, the self-loathing gentilophobe Max Blumenthal, and the $PLC,) he's black.

I was just trying to point out what actual "dangerous hatred in the US" looks like: a bunch of guys trying to commit terrorist atrocities b/c we infidels believe not in Allah and the US is run by Jews or whatever.

According to the conventional wisdom given by the anti-racist coalition of the Good and the Great (mentioned above), these plots should have all been carried out by evangelical white males in order to impose the 10 commandments on everyone.

It's hilarious that you would even mention those guys as if they had some sort of stranglehold on national media. Rush is on AM radio, for crying out loud, and Beck and Hannity are only on Fox news.

If the Obama admin was looking for positive publicity on these arrests, couldn't they turn to, well...every other news outlet in the country? I mean, aren't you basically implying that Hannity and Beck and those guys are some how driving the national MSM bus and setting the memes for everyone else? Isn't that kind of a ridiculous assertion?

But anyway, the liberal MSM's need to preserve the "Islam is a Religion of Peace (TM)" meme has actually trumped the need to give the president positive anti-terrorism press on this one. The president could credibly state that these arrests were a result of his commitment to fight terrorism, couldn't he? I wonder why, then, that these stories are being buried except for on Fox news?


That's not what I said at all, your reading comprehension sucks. I was referring to the pushies and tirivialus types waiting to get their marching orders from Hannity and Rush before they can put the spin on the story. You and HH are simple haters who don't really factor into any calculation.

but anyway, I don't watch Faux News. I've seen a lot of detail on this story on CBS and in the Denver Post, though. Damn liberal MSM anyway.


Thank you. Really, though, my reading comprehension is fine - I just answered some of your underlying assumptions (evidenced by your 'Faux News'/Hannity/Rush' whine) rather than what you actually said.

Weren't you the guy who was saying I "manufactured outrage" about ACORN's recent activities? People in glass houses shouldn't be calling others 'haters.'


Anti-government militia groups in the US are a reality. The Klan traded in their robes for fatigues ~20 years ago.

With a black democrat in office and conspiracy theories running rampant (i.e. census workers tagging everyone's front door GPS coordinates so people can be rounded up and sent to death camps, targeted with Predator Drone missile attacks, etc.) it's perfectly reasonable to examine the topic.


It was an NYPD operation. They called in the FBI near right before the arrests. Even Obama called them out yesterday and thanked them on a conference call he had with police leadership.

I doubt if the messiah knew about it until the story went public. Otherwise he may have required they be read their rights as terrorists trying to kill us.