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Dangerous Fitness Advice


I was reading Tony Gentilcore's blog, and he posted a box squat demonstration video for some humor.

While the video is absolutely ridiculous, it left me wondering what else these people were doing. I checked out their youtube page, and was taken a back by how incredibly dangerously the improperly their exercises are demonstrated. I had to leave a comment. Usually I just laugh and move on my merry way, but this seems dangerous to the public. They are often telling people to "use a really heavy weight".

Further investigation led me to this website


This is not a hobby, they intend to make money as a business. What surprised me is that nowhere do you see their accreditations.

What are your opinions on this. Should we just laugh at them? or is it bad enough to somehow get some authorities involved to prevent the public from getting hurt?


P.T. Barnum, the circus guy, said "There's a sucker born every minute."


So what they're prescribing is use a heavy weight and only do partial squats?

Shit, that's what almost everyone is already doing in gyms across the country.



What a fucking joke. Seriously, you really can't protect people from themselves. And I'm sure we ALL see people doing stupid and sometimes dangerous shit in the gym... under the supervision of their trainer.


^ ANNNND Where exactly did you come from?


retarded, she is hot tho lol


If she squatted right she might not have such a sad, flat little ass.


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"The key is the lift with your back in a twisting, jerking motion. "


"What are your opinions on this. Should we just laugh at them? or is it bad enough to somehow get some authorities involved to prevent the public from getting hurt?"

And what authorities are you going to call? Gonna call on big brother to protect people from their own stupidity?

Good call.

Until bb decides front squats are dangerous. NO MORE FRONT SQUATTING.

Deadlifts are loud and hurt pussies ears. NO MORE PULLING.


Let people be stupid and retarded. If they choose to ignore proper technique and get themselves seriously injured, more power to em.


hilarious. I lol'd


Videos like these are why I have been slowly starting to hate the mainstream fitness industry as a whole.


At 0:48 did he say he handles a heavier load?


Ridiculous and sad in a way. I wish people learned how to lift properly in highschool so they can have atleast some kind of foundation. Btw,regarding VS pic,Nice. =D


Fixed for truth.


Usually on his chest but sometimes the lower back.

On point, they're just herding sheeple like the rest of the "fitness" industry. Every bosu ball, functional training d-bag with a web cert does the same shit, hell even some guys with good certs and or degrees do this. I had a guy with a masters in health and wellness tell me not to squat past parallel and to bench on a exercise ball.


This is sad. I have an obese friend who hired a trainer to make him lose weight. He make him do bosu squat to a lateral laise with 12.5lbs . Then he does leg raise on a swiss ball. 60$ a month.

I told him why what he does doesnt work and what should he do instead. Even if I am in good shape and that I trained my little brother to a canadian powerlifting record he didnt want to hear what I say.

Why? Him and Those people dont wanna do the real thing because they just dont wanna go there. Their motivation is purely the social benefit they think they will get. He is happy with his current life with his circle of friends. Wtf does he care about being a spartiate. In his head this gimmicky BS does the trick just fine.

But for his defense he has the nutrition dialed in. He lost 50lbs so far. He'll probably hit a wall soon tough.


What fed?


hahaha I was thinking the same thing


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