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Dangerous Exercises


I was wondering if we could get a list going of excercises to avoid. Obviously you can get injured doing anything if your stupid, but I wanted to know which excercises cause the most problems, even when preformed properly..

The few I can think of are:
1. Upright Rows - something about tweaking a tendon in your shoulder
2. Behind the neck presses - I'm not sure about this one, but I am constantly reading to avoid it.
3. Rotating Shoulder Shrugs - screws your rotator cuffs?

Lets keep this list going, and injury free.


Come on, dont you know squats are bad for your knees. And deadlifts are bad for your back, too.


I would avoid squats, deadlifts, chins, power cleans,etc. They cause icky swelling in the myofib's


Bench press. Most dangerous exercise one can do. ALWAYS HAVE A SPOTTER!


Curling in the squat rack. Very dangerous if performed in front of Aerostallion.


I see that the only curlers in the squat rack are skinny bastards trying to use too much weight. THEY got mentioned as doing one of the most dangerous exercises?? WOW, they must be HARDASSES!!!! I wanna be just like them.


Also avoid curls in a power rack, they can cause you a lot of phyiscal and mental harm.


nah i saw a group of 3, yes three, people doing curls in the squat rack with 5lbs on the bar



I say none of then should be avoided by everyone all together. Just the ones that cause actual PAIN, or problems.

By pain I dont mean strain, or soreness, like squats they friggin hurt but its not PAIN that hard work.

se what works for you, keep your program balanced and work your ass off.


rom what I said above sure there are one I avoid and of all the ones you listed Id say the third one everyone should avoid simple no payback over a regular shrug and does cause damage.


I wouldn't even consider this an exercise per se but rather the faulty execution of a normal shrug.


Exercises done on machines are dangerous,IMO. The movements in themselves are not dangerous, but, for ex, some dumb kid who benches a 'big' weight then tries the same weight with a real barbell. I teach HS kids and some would be dumb enough to do that.



Anything done on a swiss ball, wobble board, or while standing on one foot.


I think the stiff leg deadlift over an extended rom can be pretty nasty if you're not absolutely and completely in control and even then...Coach Robertson can explain better then I can


ANY exercise can be dangerous, but one that i think is endemically so is the rounded back stiff legged deadlift on a platform.

I mean, why would you?

I also don't like preacher curls as they put your elbows in a very bad position.


But, but... I simply can't hold on to enough weight to do a calf raise standing on both feet that would really challenge my calves.

Do you really think a single leg calf raise would be dangerous? :wink:


Hyperextensions. Don't HYPERextend your back. And keep your head in a neutral position.


Most exercises that are done from a ladder, especialy the top step.
Upright rows on a ladder are just asking for an injury.


Aww, come on. You can get more inventive than that! Ever hear of a standing calf raise machine, or seated calf raise or do them in a leg press or do inclinded treadmill or road work, etc.........

If you don't hold onto anything.


Right, being dumb ist dangerous. LOL