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Dangerous Dave’s Diabolical Log for Density and Destruction

It’s made by Dymatize and it actually does taste like Fruity Pebbles! I had a shake this morning for breakfast. I do put it in the actual fruity pebbles post workout sometimes to replace milk for some extra protein. It’s a fun combo, but regular vanilla protein works just as well for “protein milk” in cereal

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Great workout this morning. Started using a pre workout today and I definitely had a boost in energy and pump! Today’s workout went great and the muscle rounds definitely lent themselves better to the leg Extension and leg Curl than it did sissy squats and RDLs. My hamstrings are absolutely annihilated right now! The ab roller at the end was also super brutal.

Legs and Biceps Muscle Rounds

Hack Squat 235x4,4,4,4,4,2
Leg Extension 180x4,4,4,4,4,5
Nautilus Leg Press “19”x4,4,4,4,4,14
Leg Curl 120x4,4,4,4,3 105x4
Donkey Calf Raise 175x4,4,4,4,4,20
Single Arm Cable Curl 70x4,4,4,3 50x4
Wrist Curls on Preacher Bench 85x4,4,4,4,4,3
Ab Roller from standing x4,4,4,3 from knees x4,4

Visiting my dad in Texas for the weekend so got a workout in at Crunch Fitness, a gym I’ve never been to before! It was like Christmas getting to try so many new machines! All new Nautilus equipment with generous weight stacks and really good strength curves! I was in Heaven. I did make a mistake on the shoulder Press machine which messed up my muscle round a little bit which caused me to hit failure twice and lower the weight twice… I didn’t realize until after I was finished I accidentally had an extra 30 pounds switched on. Totally my fault but it didn’t really hinder my workout, got an incredible pump and got to push myself to the dark place on all new equipment so this was a terrific experience.

Upper Body Muscle Rounds

Fixed Lat Pulldown 210x4,4,4,4,4,4
Seated Row 165x4,4,4 121x4,4,4
Chest Supported Leverage Row 150x4,4,4,4,3 90x4
Seated Chest Press Machine 180x4,4,4,4,4 160x4
Pec Deck 140x4,4,4,2 110x4,4
Machine Shoulder Press 180x4,4,1 160x4,4 150x4
Machine Lateral Raises 70x4,4,4,2 40x4,4
Machine Tricep Extension 70x4,4,4,4,4,4

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Wow! Yesterday’s workout was a massive improvement in every way over last week’s workout! Weight and/or reps were up on every single lift! The weight in the squat rack felt light when I moved back with it and I knew I was going to crush last week!

Lower Load/Upper Pump

Squat 225x8
Leg Extension 210x13
Squat 225x6
Leg Curl 135x11
Side lunges 45x10(each side)
Standing calf raise 260x10, 260x13
Seated Calf Raise 150x9, 150x8
Flyes 60x20, 60x22
Rack Pull-Ups 30,21
Lateral Raises 15x26, 15x17
Crunches 60, 40
Dumbbell curls 25x25, 25x15
Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extension 55x35, 55x21

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Today’s workout was solid. My mood was okay getting to the gym and definitely improved throughout the workout. I switched a lot of the barbell lifts over to dumbbell lifts to get a greater range of motion and focus on mind-muscle connection a bit more. Bit off a bit more than I could chew with my first heavy set of dumbbell bench going for 110s, but successfully got a good set with the 100s. Also last week I only managed 8 negatives on glute-ham raises and today I got 10 FULL reps! Big win of the day in my opinion.

Upper Load/Lower Pump

Deadlift 335x5
Db bent Over Row 110x7
Palms up Pulldown 220x8
Dumbbell Bench 100x8
Dumbbell Incline Bench 80x8
Dumbbell Overhead Press 50x6
Scott Raises 25x17
Nautilus Leg Press “17”x28
Nautilus Toe Press “19”x45
Glute-Ham Raise 10

Another great workout in the books. I was really sweating hard by the end. Something about pushing to that failure point and beyond always gets me sweating like a stuck hog. The ab roller damn near killed me by the end of this. Oddly, lately I’ve noticed that I can almost eat anything I want on training days and I still seem to wake up as lean or leaner the next day. I will continue to evaluate my physique daily and adjust as needed if I notice any negative impact to body composition. It almost feels like I’m making noobie gains right now!

Lower body+Biceps and forearms Muscle Rounds

Hack Squat 275x4,4,4,4,4,3
Leg Extension 195x4,4,4,4,3
Leg Press 420x4,4,4,4,4,3
Leg Curl 135x4,4,4,3 120x4,4
Standing Calf Raise 280x4,4,4,4,4,5
Single Arm Cable Curls 80x4,4,4,4 50x4,4
Wrist Curls on Preacher 95x4,4,4,4,3 75x4
Ab Roller From standingx4,4,4,4,2 from knees x4

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Really nice work in here, @davemccright. But…

You’re killing me with this kinda talk! :laughing:

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It’s something I am keeping a close eye on, but the Fortitude Diet does encourage pushing the calories on training days, because I guess there’s literature to suggest that the extra calories will be used up more during that time. I don’t totally understand it, but it’s been working so far. On rest days, I’ve been going lower carb and higher fat. This seems to be a balance my body has been responding well to. I need read through the study or studies referenced in the book so I can better understand the reasons why this is effective.

Guess that’s a kind of carb-cycling type approach? Or something like that.

I did alright with a 5/2-style diet for awhile way back in late 2019: I did my five training days above maintenance with more carbs, and I had two 30-36 hour water/black coffee only fasting periods on non-training days. I was trying to lose fat (still am, for that matter!), and I think I pushed my surplus a bit too high in that phase, but overall it was pretty effective for me. Unfortunately the fasting periods just didn’t work too well with my family life.

Anyway, keep up the good work! I enjoyed reading about your 30-10-30 experience, and I’m interested to see how you progress with Fortitude.

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That’s interesting! I’ll definitely make adjustments if this stops working, but with my schedule with workouts and softball, it’s at least been good for recovery! Interesting that you had success with a similar approach!

I’m happy to hear that! I’ve enjoyed both programs, and I actually did gain a decent amount of weight on 30-10-30, even though the pictures and body measurements really didn’t change much. I’ve yet to weigh myself during Fortitude, but I will at the end of the “Progressive Blast” phase in a few weeks. My body composition has definitely been improving though! Interestingly, Christian Thibaudeau just plugged the Fortitude Training book on his Instagram!

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Another great workout today. Woke up pretty groggy but got my butt in gear and killed the workout. Weights or reps were up on everything, but that’s just my expectation with every workout, if not there’s a big problem. I’ve been loving these workouts so much! Helping my uncle move now, so I’ve got a nice nap coming later!

Upper Body Muscle Rounds

Weighted Chins 25x4,4,4,4,2 10x4
T-Bar Row 125x4,4,4,3 90x4,4
Seated Cable Row 160x4,4,4,4 140x4,4
Cable Crossover “11”x4,4,4,4,4,3
Weighted Dips 25x4,4,4,4,2 10x4
Machine Shoulder Press 165x4,4,4,4,2 135x4
Lateral Raises 20x4,4,4,4,4,2
Dual Rope Tricep Pushdowns 90x4,4,4,4,4,5

Well I got sunburned big time yesterday during softball practice, but still had a great workout today. I’m up to volume tier 3, so the workout took about an hour and a half this morning. It was really kicking my butt especially the extra working set of squats. My hips were pretty tight today, likely from softball practice, but I got through it no problem. This is always my longest and hardest workout of the week but it’s also my favorite. Anyway here it is!

Volume Tier III Lower Load/Upper Pump

Squat 225x7
Leg Extension 225x12
Squat 225x8
Leg Curl 150x7
Squat 225x6
Side Lunges 50x10
Seated Calf Raise 155x10,155x10,155x10,155x10,155x13
Flyes 65x22, 65x17
Rack Pull Ups with 10lb dumbbell 25, 17
Machine Shoulder Press 135x20
Crunch 70
Lateral Raises 20x16
Crunch 45
Bent Over Lateral Raises 15x27
Crunch 30
Dumbbell Curl 25x30, 25x17
Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension 60x25, 60x18

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Daaaaaamn, son. That is quite the burn.

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Yeah it’s one of the most noticeable burns of my life for sure lol thankfully it’s not too painful and didn’t really disrupt my sleep. But I think I should probably start wearing sleeves

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I particularly appreciate the way you accessorised your sun burn with your shorts.

Looking jacked dude. Pictures like this nearly persuade me I want to train like a bodybuilder.


Hahaha yes I’m not ashamed! The only thing that sucks is I am so white that it’s a huge contrast, so it looks kind of like I’m wearing anchor arms from SpongeBob lol

And thank you very much! I’ve been loving this type of training, it’s very fulfilling seeing bigger muscles or more veins in the mirror. My weights on every exercise have been increasing, but I believe that this is more a side effect of the bigger muscles than necessarily focusing on any lifts. The daily undulating periodization with different rep ranges and weights has made training extra fun too!

After Monday’s workout I got my second dose shot which really put me out of commission yesterday. So after I went through hell yesterday and sleeping about 12 hours after I got home from work, I managed to lift more than last week while being up a volume tier. I’m super happy about bouncing back like that. Yesterday I was worried I wouldn’t feel good enough to train (I would’ve gone anyway even if I didn’t feel like it), so it was great being able to come in today and smash it like that. That did wonders for my confidence.

I also did “Fives in the hole” for my pump sets on lower body for leg Press and toe Press, which was very brutal but gave me a great burn, pump, and connection to the muscles contracting. Anyway, here was today’s workout!

Upper Load/Lower Pump Volume Tier III

Bent Over Dumbbell Row 100x10,110x9
Wide Grip Pulldown 210x10, 220x9
Incline Dumbbell Press 70x10, 80x8
Decline Dumbbell Flye 70x10, 80x6
Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press 40x10, 50x7
Scott Raises 25x10, 30x7
Nautilus Leg Press “17” Fives into the hole 2x
Nautilus Toe Press “19” Fives into the hole 2x
Glute-Ham Raises 10,10


Always such a great feeling.

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Oh yeah. Definitely feels incredible! It definitely feels like a testament to the process working and my body responding how I want it to. The training, eating, sleeping has all been so purposeful for the results in the mirror and in the gym. I just need to keep the momentum going and continue taking it day by day.


Today’s workout was another great one! Put my legs through hell with significantly heavier weight than I’ve been using. My only issue I had today was that the single arm Cable curls simply wasn’t enough to get my biceps trashed like I wanted, so I added a muscle round of Barbell curls after and that was perfect to get me right where I wanted.

I’m considering next week upgrading from “basic” to “turbo” for the last two weeks of this “progressive blast” phase of the program which will basically make both my Friday and Saturday sessions full body rather than lower focused and Upper focused as I have had it. I am recovering so extremely well right now, I felt like I could’ve trained yesterday. I really want to push myself these last two weeks.

Lower Body, Biceps, and Forearms Muscle Rounds

Hack Squats 315x4,4,4,4,2 275x4
Leg Press 495x4,4,4,4,4,5
Leg Extension 210x4,4,4,4,4,6
Leg Curl 135x4,4,4,4,2 120x4
Standing Calf Raise 300x4,4,4,4,4,10
Seated Calf Raise 90x4,4,4,4,4,3
Donkey Calf Raise 185x4,4,4,4,4,13
Single Arm Cable Curl 80x4,4,4,4,3 70x4
Barbell Curl 95x4,4,4,3 75x4,4
Wrist Curls on Preacher 115x4,4,4,4,1 95x4
Ab wheel roller From Standing x4,4,4,4,1 From Knees x4