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'Tens of thousands' of Muslim Brotherhood/Islamists protest in Cairo demanding elections. The Muslim Brotherhood is the best organised political group in Egypt at the moment. They want elections ASAP before other political groups have time to organise:



Anyone with a grasp on history could have predicted this outcome. Now to actually see what happens. And what will happen to Egypt's relationship with Israel and the Palestinians if they become an islamic state like Iran or Pakistan?


'Egypt has received $1.3 billion in annual U.S. military aid. Egypt's army launched an ambitious modernization plan, cutting its personnel from about 600,000 to 340,000 to build a mobile and efficient force'

'Egypt's most impressive achievement has been its air force, which the Military Balance published by the Institute for National Security Studies, describes as 'the most far-reaching transformation of any air arm in the Middle East.' Egypt has about 200 advanced American F-16s and some two dozen French Mirage 2000 interceptors. It also has 100 attack helicopters, compared with just 80 in Israel, according to the Center for Strategic International Studies.

'Furthermore, Egypt has some 500 multiple rocket launchers (twice the number as Israel) and nearly half of its 3,100 tanks are Western, including nearly 1,000 M1s. The Egyptian Navy is the most robust in the eastern Mediterranean basin, with 10 frigates, four submarines and 23 missile boats.'

'Egypt has had surface-to-surface missile since the early 1970s and its Scud rockets reportedly are capable of reaching anywhere in Israel'

'Egypt has been moving front and center and its increasingly sophisticated and Western military today represents, on paper, the biggest conventional military danger to the IDF.

Israeli military officers have spoken privately about the concern over the aggressive character of the Egyptian buildup. Until now, the IDF, too, has been caught in a double bind. It sees the Egyptian army preparing to fight, yet is hesitant to call Egypt an enemy out of fear of turning it into one.

Nevertheless, watching Egypt spend $1.3 billion on weapons every year, even if IDF intelligence believed Cairo had no clear interest in war with Israel, didn't pass quietly; particularly after annual military exercises included simulated crossings of the Suez Canal and fighting against an enemy which fit the profile of Israel.

Today, the IDF holds two low-readiness armored divisions opposite Sinai. But IDF contingency plans call for Israel to hold back another three divisions from another front to be shifted against Egyptian forces, should they move on Israel, according to Jane's Intelligence Review.'


NOTE: From Jan 2011


Did not Obama support this group during the oust of the former dictator? Too many things happening over in the middle east that do not not make any sense. The same is going on in Libya. Yes I know they where enemies but it seemed like we had them under our thumb.


Did it seem so?

You never had anyone under your thumb, you had paid whores doing your bidding.

The problem with whores though is that they perform for everyone paying the piper.

addendum: That is of course also the beauty of them.


Your right orion, I suppose my question is who paid the higher price or did we stop paying. What is the reasoning behind all the unrest in the ME? As soon as Obama came into office it seemed as though other countries challenged his strength.


They are not challenging him, they challenge their own regimes that got paid by the US.

That may turn out better in some countries than in others but so far noone has the mojo to challenge the US.


To me it's interesting with all that is happening in the ME. So many revolutions going on along with the UN doing bomb raids. Are the Iranians really that strong to put up so many fronts against the west and if not who is behind it.


I dont agree with that Orion, why did so many sprout up after the election? Did the people know our potus would not step in or did another puppet master know that and incited the backlash.
It's just too much of a coincidence.


Who was behind the fall of the SU?

Sometimes people are just fed up and that has the tendency to put the outlook of people who thought they were in control into perspective.

The truth is, if people wont take it anymore, all regimes are bound to fall.

I genuinely believe that this is a popular uprising, that might or might not be highjacked by more focused elements.


The fall of the SU was in part mostly due to the people but I am almost sure western countries supported them somehow someway. Kind of like when we pledged support for the Bay of Pigs invasion but our president failed to do so.
A change of government is hard to do unless its a strong leader and has the backing of foreign nations, so I think.