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Dancing Truck Driver - Funny or Crazy?



That looks EXACTLY like me when I drive, except I do more headbanging and play more drums on my steering wheel.

People have flipped me off, pretended like they are going to swerve into me, honked too long, and just generally acted like assholes when I go crazy in my car.

Why do people make it their business what i do in my car? It's like "Hey, so what?" none of anyone's business anyways, don't make it yours.


yea i laughed.

That truck is fucking huge inside too.


If I saw that guy in my rear view mirror, I think I'd hit the gas and put about as much distance as I could between us.


yep, hes a bit of a tool for not DRIVING the damn thing


Fixed. :slight_smile:


Is that 1morerep?


I once read that truck drivers are the top abusers of stimulants.


I used to work for a shipping company back in college. Every once in a while, we'd get some call about a shipment being late and when we'd track down the driver, it was always something related to the driver being too wired and getting pulled over or arrested or something along those lines.


It's actually a very small percentage that are still playing those games on the road, it just seems common because the drivers who do their job right don't attract the same attention. It's basically the same deal as people thinking that bodybuilders are prone to roid rage, people just remember some story they heard and everyone gets a reputation because of it. I'm sure that the video in the original post here is going to do a lot for the trucking industries reputation.


I'm glad he is in Europe and not the US. If I recognized that as one of our drivers, he'd be gone.


I don't mean to hijack, but are there any otr drivers that post here?

If there are I'm curious as to how you structure your training, diet, etc..


I used to drive OTR and serious training wasn't practical due to a lack of equipment, although taking a couple kettlebells with you would be an option if you wanted to go that route. For diet I did best on something that sort of resembled The Warrior Diet (note that I didn't even know about The Warrior Diet at that time, it was just a pattern I naturally fell into that worked).

Living in a truck puts a lot limitations on just about every aspect of your life, if you're interested in being a bodybuilder I would recommend a different line of work.


cocaine is a hell of a drug


Holy Jezus. My dad drives EXACTLY like that. And he wonders why no one would ride with him.... Actually thats how he lost his car so thats why we cant ride with him.