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Dance Music Suggestions?


I occasionally throw parties, and I wanted to create a club/dance scene. I only listen to Rock/Metal, and am clueless when it comes to dance music.

Here is what I have so far

Tech N9ne
Infected Mushroom
Kottonmouth Kings (a few tracks)
The Chemical Brothers
Kanye West
Sir Mixalot

Any suggestions to set the mood would be appreciated. My only idea is to have a fairly dark-lit room with strobe lights.


Man I envy you
I wish I had a big house to do stuff like that


You're gonna have to narrow it down a bit. Are you looking for more mainstream stuff? What kind of dance music? House, trance, techno, drum & bass, or a more hip-hop, R&B feeling?


A huge hit in 2008 here in Italy is :
"don't stress" ( house music )by Laurent Wolf
All discos and clubs I've been since this summer were playing this song.


old skool:
orbital - belfast
inter city - big fun
a guy called gerald - voodoo ray
Mr. fingers - can you feel it
Roy davis Jr - gabriel (live garage mix)
Joe smooth - promised land
the orbe - fluffy little clouds
frankie knuckles - your love

other stuff i like:
Nuyorican soul - i am the black gold of the sun
Kid Cudi - day n nite (crookers remix)
Roy ayers - everybody loves the sunshine
octave one - black water
double 99 - rip groove
brain bug - nightmare
mighty dub katz - just another groove
armand van helden - professional widow
pete heller - big love


Get some Clubland albums.


tech nine?
kotton mouth kings?

absolutely dispicable choices.

you want to play shit people know the words to, maybe a few songs people dont.

cassidy- drink n 2step
swizz beats- its me bitches
kanye west- love lockdown
tyga feat lil wayne- thinking of you
camron- oh boy
young joc- its goin down
dipset- i really mean it
a bunch of beyonce bullshit, the girls like it and the guys will follow, trust me.
daddy yankee- gasolina
naughty by nature- here we go now
lil wanye - lollipop
or framing hanley- lollipop cover
r kelly- bump n grind
pitbull- krazy
pitbull- the anthem
---if you have spanish people-- don omar- pobre diabla
beastie boys- whatcha want
sway & akon- silver and gold
DMX- get it on the floor
Rick Ross- everyday im hustling


oh yeah, and you can put on M.I.A. - paper planes cause everyone thinks theyre the coolest kid in school when you play it.


strobe lights are no good bro.

i suggest using a few different lighting setups they have this ball that shoots like red, yellow, blue and green light, get one or two of those, a couple blacklights and thats all you need.

even when clubs use strobelights they have them on for only a set amount of time because they start to bother people. having regular lights wont blind people but they are a good contribution to the atmosphere.


wtf are you the new member of jabbawokies


A mainstream mix of R&B, and Techno I guess. Stuff people will know, and want to dance to. With Techno it doesn't seem like they need to know it as long as it has a good beat.


Good point, I'll look into that.


The new Ultra Dance 10 CD came out yesterday, and it's pretty good, it has some dance remixes from some recent popular songs. My favorite is the Estelle feat. Kanye west-American Boy(Benny Benassi remix) Plus the CD is only 8 bucks at Target and it has 16 songs.

This is the only link I found for the song, but it sounds much better on the CD.

If you are into rock and dance songs why not have both at once? haha Try these sites, they have good mashups of all kinds of popular songs, you just have to search around. And yes, they are music sites, bootie is just the name. Check out best-of-bootie 2006 and 2007.



Also, if you would like to Rick Roll your party, this remix is nice.

And one more, this song has one of my favorite beats, it will definitely get your party going.

Hope this helps.


Tekla Klebetnica


If you're into bachata salsa, go with aventura obsesion (a usual favorite)

Anything by Nelly
- hot in here

Something I came across last weekend
Danzel- pump it up

An oldie - Donna Summers - Hot stuff

And the evergreen Numa Numa (dragostea din tei) by O-zone


Thanks for the suggestions, this is coming together pretty well.

Now, if I only knew how to dance. I wish I could plug myself into a program like Neo in The Matrix. "I just learned how to boogy."


i wish i could go into the matrix and prevent you from having that thought


Good list.


thanks. the trick to a good party set is not just playing what you want to hear. plus its good to play songs that people already know the words to, people love to sing when theyre drunk.


massive amounts of B cup titties, im not complaining.