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Dance Dance Revolution


I was wondering if anybody here plays the dancing game DDR for the Playstation. For people that don't know what it is it's a game where you need to press a button on a mat, either up/down/left/right, when it's signaled on the TV screen. It's really fun and even has a workout mode where it tell's you the calorie's you've burned. Good aerobic workout and maybe even some for your legs.

If anybody has played this game could you tell me some of your comments?

I haven't attached a picture before but a picture of the game cover might come up! I hope...



I used to play DDR like crazy. I almost bought metal pads but my High Octane ones worked fine for a while. Almost a year. A couple years ago I would play DDR for a good 2-4 hours a day, 4 to 6 days a week. I remember during a winter break from college I was eating a ton above maintenance and trying to bulk and I couldn't because of all the DDR.

It's not a good workout when you suck and are learning how to play with Light and Standard songs but once you get to Heavy and playing with two pads at once, that's where the sweating comes in. Playing Afronova on heavy or Max 300 or Paranoia is like sprinting for a minute and a half on your toes.

The calorie counter isn't accurate though. I think it way overestimates how many calories are burned per step.


Yea, I use it instead of sled dragging for my weekly GPP sessions. Less stress on the joints and just such a joy to do.



I've seen the goofballs in the mall on this thing.

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Its a fun game for sure. Great cardio if you get good at it... The calorie counter says you burn like 10 calories a minute or so, WAYYYYY TOO HIGH for that intensity.