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Dance Ability

I flew to Germany and back last week and the movie selection was less-than-stellar: Bridget Jones 2, National Treasure and Shall We Dance. National Treasure was pretty good, but I couldn’t watch it over and over and I don’t sleep on planes very well. I checked out Shall We Dance for a few minutes for the JLo factor (which was disappointing). The movie was atrocious, but it got me to thinking about how poorly I dance. Along this line of thinking, I was wondering how many T-Men or T-vixens consider themselves good dancers? So, what’s the prognosis? Can you dance well and just out of curiosity, what is your ethnicity (optional)? I’m white and can’t dance.


P.S. I don’t subscribe to the theory that if you can’t dance, you’re no good at sex, because I’m damn good in bed - I orgasm every time;)


Cant dance either. Wife tells me I am a good dancer but she has too! I orgasm everytime too so I am pretty damn good myself!

I can’t dance well, but I’m not afraid to go out there and shake it anyway, cause that’s where the hotties are, and the repressed guys aren’t.

I am currently talking salsa dance classes. Salsa… damn sexy.

I can dance. My main thing is swing dancing. I’ve been doing that socially for a while. I’ve also done performances.

I’ve also done that club, booty-shakin, whatever you call it dancing too. The only good thing about that was I had a nice bodacious ass rubbing up against my pelvis.

I’m white and I can dance pretty well.

(BTW, when I tried club dancing it was with a black girl who knew how to work it. So it wasn’t like 2 white kids tryin to be black.)

I’m also good in bed, and I orgasm every time. Ladies, interested?

There is an old Atomic Dog regarding manliness or the lack there-of which mentions among other things, dancing. The most memorable line is ( its been a while so its sorta a quote): 'There have been only two men rated as great dancers in this world, and you are not the other one".

My gleanings from the wit and wisdom at this site over the last 5-6 years are spearheaded by the AD from about 3 years ago. It was about “how old man had faked his death to escape the ‘supposed to’s’ to be free to reinvent himself.” I haven’t had a dance lesson in over 2 years and yet last weekend sitting at a dinner/dance were three “senior” women all of whom had gone out of their way to let me know what a fine “young” (57 yo) speciment of (T-MAN) I am. Take your Alpha Male, do your kegels and remember, ladies come first. Then go heavy and go home.

My dad always said “Dancing is a verticle expression of a horizontal intention”. While this may not always be true, you sure can tell a lot about a person’s…uh…rhythm by the way they dance. Makes for good speculation and people watching.

I can dance actually really well…

Salsa, merengue, I can break dance to an extent, I can do most ‘popular’ hip hop dances, etc.

If you were to challenge me to a dance, you would get served.


no in all honesty, the above is true, but I never really dance, other than for shits and giggles. Besides in a club or something you don’t have that much room… and most of the time you just want to do the bump and grind thing with some cute girl.

Extravagant dancing isnt necessary.

I had a gf though (and a lot of female friends) who like to go out salsa dancing and what not…so I learned.

But I realize that it’s fruitless to try to compete against Enrique the salsa dancing class instructor- which is 90% of the reason the girls are in the class.

So now I’m taking up Capoeira, mainly cause there tend to be fine ass girls in the class, but also because I can excuse it off as not dancing, but fighting :smiley:

Meet girls, and not have to be a bitch in yoga…sounds good to me.

I always thought I could dance well - everyone said so. Then many years ago now I was in Cuba for a wrestling meet - after the meet we were taken to a street dance.

There is nothing so erotic as seeing a thousand Cubans effortlessly grinding away on each other. Wow - decided that right there and then i would never dance again - i am not worthy.

wtf i want to wrestle in fucking cuba

That South Park episode where the kids get served is fucking hilariuos.

I can’t fucking dance to save my life. Even booty dancing feels really awkward to me. I just hate dancing.

I used to when i was a nipper, when i was into raving.

So bloody off my tits that the obvious lack of rythm, coordination and general “dangerous to be near” thing was oblivious to me, and hopefully everyone else also.

Now, i am a miserable bastard and refuse.

yea but if you go to raves you get pussy thrown at you.

I swear it like fishing, catch [then hump] and release.

In the US, maybe. things are very different in the UK, the scene matured, and laws (criminal justice bill) were brought in to prevent such gatherings.

The UK is much smaller, therefore everywhere except the most remote places are populated and the old rave would deffo get stopped.

Anyway, when you are spannered, you can just about stand up, let alone anything else. if my recollection serves me.

MAybe that would explain my often varied literary skills.