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Danazol Experiences?

is anybody use danazol for bulking and strength purpose ? and how the results and what dosage you take and how long you take this ??

There are like 23 drugs you’d have to run out of before using that one. What made you look at this one, I’m curious?


do you use this drug or not ? and which 23 drugs u talking about ?

I’ve never heard of anyone using it. I don’t know of any supplier that sells it. Unless you have endometriosis it’s not exactly going to be in the bodybuilding toolkit. And the reference to 23 other drugs was hyperbole. It was meant to illustrate that this drug is wildly obsolete within the world of PEDs, which is also evident by the lack of supply.

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I am not sure if this necessarily means that it isn’t a good PED. For the record I don’t know anything about this particular drug, but IMO there are PEDs that are rare, not sold a lot, and not known much about that are as good as some of the common stuff. Find some reviews from people who have run DHB, and the large majority say it is great stuff (many saying it is their favorite compound, other than the nasty pip). I have heard others say if it was so great, it would be popular, and sold everywhere. I think more factors besides efficacy are involved in what becomes popular or not.

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Just curious, if you are going to the trouble of getting your provider to script you an AAS to get those GAINZ while treating your IBD, heriditary angioedema, peripheral vascular disease, why not just go ahead and get the Rx for oxandrolone?

Danazol = oxandrolone without the GAINZ!

If oxandrolone is Superman, then Danazol is Bizarro Superman from a GAINZ standpoint. Does that make sense?


What’s not clear about this? If you had a bottle of circa 1996 EAS HMB sitting around the house, wouldn’t you take that before going down the Danazol path?

Colostrum vs Danazol, hmm…that’s a tough one.

i think you should try the drug first and then tell sombody about the results ( imo u dont expirence about this drug )

Issues with danazol

  • poor oral bioavailability
  • harsh on lipids
  • not potent at all (magnitudes less potent than testosterone)
  • CYP3a4 inhibitor… are you on any meds? Taking something like atorvastatin + danazol could theoretically have a lethal outcome (increased concentration of atorvastatin -> rhabadomyolsis)

Anecdotal reports can have merit within the realm of bodybuilding; but scientific literature is just as, if not more important than individualistic observation. Results acquired through one drug at X dosage will dramatically differ from person to person. One should always take anecdotal reports with a grain of salt unless a massive pool of anecdotal reports exist indicative of similar results garnered across a very large cohort of people.

I am not following. What are you trying to say? Thanks for clarifying if you could.