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Danabol-DS Only Cycle, Questions for Test-e


Before I go into detail, let me be very clear.....I am very aware of dbol only cycles, pct, all that jazz, and I know what I "should" have done, and i dont need 6 replies from people going "first of all what you should have done", If I see that I hope you don't have good info, cause im not even going to bother reading it.

what I need is advice on what to do NOW,

An old army buddy of mine and long time steroid user, got me on a danabol-ds only cycle for my first cycle,I am 22, ive been workign for about 3 years now, I have a very ectomorphic body type before this cycle I weighed 135. I bank in 3500-4000 calories a day.

Im in the last two weeks of and 8 weeks. I wasnt able to get a hold of test-e until just recently. I have nolva ready for pct.

My question is, would it be benificial to start the test-e now with the remainder dbol, and then start the nolv after my last dbol-ds pill with the remainder of thr test. Or should i just save the test and do a full on legitamite test-e/dbol cycle later on this year?


Save the test

In the future I wouldn't run dbol only or dbol for more than 6 weeks.

Do PCT after the dbol, next time try test only or test+dbol.


thank you, thats exactly the kind of reply i was hoping for., my buddy assures me that danabol-ds is slightly different than regular dbol, he says with my low age, that I actually will keep most of my gains on this. I've also read alot of accounts of people getting better results in the "loss of gains" dept, with danabol as well. any truth to this?


What is dianabol-ds? What drug is it?


I think that's the little blue heart dbol


Yea i wrote Dianabol on accident, the name is DANABOL-DS, and yes they are the little blue hearts.


You do know thats just a brand of dbol right?

A high quality brand if it hasn't been faked, but still what logic are you and your buddy using to convince yourself that its different than "normal dbol"


I thought it sounded fishy too, but he assured me that I wouldn't loose my gain. I guess well see.


It not any different. Just a well dosed dbol from a reputable lab.....if they aren't faked of course. Some of the best ug dbol I've come across


lol @ listening to a used car salesmen trying to make a buck off you


sorry but you will piss out most of those "gains" you've made. Stop the dbol start pct. Wait another 10 or 12 weeks, buy some more dbol and kickstart cycle 2 with new+left-over dbol at 40 mg ed for 4-6 weeks and run your test at 250mg 2x a week.