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Dana White's Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

So Dana thinks it’s not right for GSP to jump down to 170 without defending, but he is totally fine with allowing Connor to hold on to his featherweight belt for almost a year without defending, but then rewards him by letting him fight Alvarez to be to first guy to hold belts in two divisions. Then he puts yet another division on hold for over a year to pursue a megafight with Mayweather.

Don’t get me wrong, GSP did not deserve a shot a Bisping in the first place. There were many contenders who had been waiting for a shot like Romero and Souza, but instead they give Bisping old man Henderson and a money fight against GSP. Dana is a piece of shit and I can’t even pretend to take him seriously when he talks about what’s good for the sport and who deserves a shot.

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It’s turning more and more into WWF or whatever pro wrestling is called these days. Doesn’t interest me at all, which is unfortunate as there are so many quality athletes in the MMA scene.

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Agree with both of you guys. And honestly, who in their right mind who was paying attention didn’t see this coming?! It was so painfully obvious that GSP was not planning on staying at Middleweight and wanted nothing to do with Romero, Whittaker, Rockhold, or any of the other top 5 contenders in that division.

In all likelihood his “disgust” is just yet another act he is putting on and he’ll be singing GSP’s praises when he sets up a Welterweight title fight between him and Woodley which will draw big money/views. The guy is 100% about money, nothing else. Not legitimacy of the sport, not safety of the athletes, nothing else.

I hadn’t actually considered that Dana was faking his outrage, certainly wouldn’t put it passed him.

For a while there I thought they were trying to set up Diaz-Woodley (for another undeserved title shot) so that Diaz could have the welterweight strap. That would make Diaz-McGregor 3 even bigger with the added bonus that Connor could then call himself a 3 division champ. No way Connor wants any piece of Woodley, who I now hear is out 4 months from shoulder surgery…

Maybe they’ll make Diaz-Connor 3 for the interim belt lol!

I don’t think Diaz beats Woodley.

Probably not, but the UFC would much rather put Connor against Diaz for the belt than watch him get KO’d by Woodley. If Diaz lost to Woodley they could still do good numbers for Diaz-McGregor 3 at 155, so it would be worth the shot.

Dana White saw what Chad Mendes was able to do against Conor, on short notice. Conor won’t be facing anyone who can put him on his back and keep him there. After he lost to Diaz, Dana was talking about how much bigger Diaz was, even though Diaz had a short camp and is himself a 155er. If Conor found Diaz too big then he won’t be fighting at 170 anytime soon.