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Dana Turned Down Silva/RJJ


So it's been all over the mma websites that supposedly RJJ has stated he would face Anderson Silva in the UFC and Dana has turned it down saying the UFC doesn't do those kind of spectacles.

My belief is that Dana realizes Anderson would stand and trade with RJJ thus opening himself up for a potential knockout. This would hurt the UFC's posterboy at 185, and damage the reputation of the so-called pfp #1 fighter in the world.

I see his dilemma, however, it hasn't been that long since we [fight fans, UFC promotions, Gracie jiu-jitsu guys) were clamoring for a highly recognizable boxer to step into the cage. Not even a year ago Dana was calling for Mayweather to step in against Sherk...now what? The UFC is only willing to accept a fight with a boxer they think they can beat? I have never really cared for Dana's public persona and actions (I've met him and talked to him for a bit and he actually is a pretty good guy in person,) but this shit, coupled with his more recent denunciations of Fedor - the best MMA fighter ever to grace the planet, have left me even more perplexed than his previous intellectual dialogues.

How could we/they not want this fight to happen?! This is what the UFC was originally created to provide, style vs style (and well, a promotion for BJJ.) FUCK YOU DANA!!!!!!!!


It's a smart move on White's part. Why would he want his 2nd most marketable fighter [who so far seems indestructable] to get ko'd in the first round? That would look horrible and slow- if not halt- all the momentum MMA and the UFC have gained in the recent past.

Pretty sure he was just blowing smoke about the Mayweather thing as well. If anyone here thinks Sherk even has/had a chance against Mayweather they need to get their heads examined. White's a smart man. All he wants is to get people talking, and he seems to keep them doing so. That's no accident.


I'll have my head examined then.
Any smart top tier MMA fighter would easily crush any boxer under UFC rules, especially when when weight class restrictions are upheld. Mayweather would look like an amateur on the ground. No brainer.

So would RJJ. If Silva would fight smart.

Perhaps Slimjim is right and Dana fears that Silva wants to do something crazy? Like, actually trying to outbox him?
Sadly, we won't know for sure.
Dana will have his reasons I believe. Till now, he had a pretty good instinct for business.


I agree with what you're saying, but why do I need to get my head examined? :slight_smile: Can Floyd stop Sherk's double leg shots? I think it'd be very dangerous for Sherk (I'd estimate 20-30% of KO) until the fight's on the ground, but when it's there, it ain't going back up.


Floyd wasn't a KO Machine. Not even by a longshot. Granted, his skills were amazing, perhaps he was the most gifted boxer of all times.
Still, you need years to be able to stuff the takedowns of someone of Sherks calibre. Not to mention different setups from the clinch.
I see very little risk here. Sherk wouldn't even need a real training camp to pull this off.

Why do we have to discuss this again and again?


For sure Sherk would kill him, in fact didn't Ali fight some wrestler and just got tooled the whole time. Seriously though why would Dana let a boxer past his prime fight the pound for pound best. People seem to not realize that there is a huge difference between striking for mma and plain boxing. And when has Anderson ever tried to outcompete guys in their main style. I didn't see him try to grapple Leites. Jones also showed said he would fight Nick Diaz, now Diaz would try to outstrike Jones for a while and would stand a decent chance of getting knocked out he's just a wild card that is more interesting than an Anderson fight imo.




Im so sick of Anderson Silva, I cant wait for him to lose.Only then will we see the so called lb for lb best fighter in the world as he fights for his belt back.Until then we will keep seeing him keep distance and not fight.


To the fanboys who think Sherk would destroy Mayweather, you'd be puting the best pfp boxer of the last ten years with some of the fastest hands and feet of all time while reducing his glove weight by 2/3 against a short armed juice monkey who's only weapon is shooting at the legs with his head exposed. If anyone here thinks Mayweather wouldn't backpeddle and light him up until KO then they clearly have no idea of what's going on.


Inoki vs Ali was a joke.
Basically, the japanese guy was on his back the whole match and kicked Ali's shins.
I think it was ruled a draw.


This will be my last post regarding this:

Fifteen years ago, I was reading magazines like "Kung Fu" & "Black Belt" while practising traditional Martial Arts.
One particular ad/feature was about a wrinkled and small gung fu master who has mastered his school's special footwork (called eight cloudy steps or whatever) to the extent that his pupils and other fighters couldn't even touch him- not even when facing them all at the same time.

Fifteen years ago I was wondering, "wow, this'd be pretty cool, but is it legit?"
A few months later, after experimenting with self invented idiot-takedowns with some karate buddies I pretty much found out I was in trouble against someone who knew this stuff. Against a stronger judoplayer, I could consider myself fucked- My beautiful head kicks- all in vain? "Maybe these foogy crane steps could be the answer, if it only could work"?
Then I found the first two UFCs at the videostore...

Boxing is fine, as is Karate, Kung Fu, Capoeira. As long as you understand other ranges and (basic) styles and test it's worth going full contact, it can work for you.
However, with boxing alone against a top MMA wrestler, just "backpeddling" would be as useful as those "seven drunken steps".

You either can fight on the ground and clinch (Wrestle/Jiu Jitsu/Judo/whatever) or you can't.


This will be my last post regarding this: I don't care how much you drank before writing that nonsense. In order to fight on the ground you have to be able to get the fight to the ground. Sherk's not fast or quick enough to get it there, and would do nothing but eat punches while trying.


In a cage, there's only so many places you can go. Eventually he'd get him to the ground, and the fight would be over.

I don't understand why people insist on arguing this.

They're too completely different sports with different stances, different footwork, and different skillsets. To say that one would beat the other on their home turf is absolutely asinine.

If you put a wolverine and a shark together, who wins the fight?

Well, depends whether the fight's in the water or in the woods. Same thing


Yes, because the magical fast hands method of preventing a takedown has always proven effective.


I prefer the Branko Cicatic method of elbowing the wrestler on the back of the head and holding onto the ropes while the ref frantically warns you and tries to seperate you.


Well, I do know that he fought an exhibition against another former wrestler/kickboxer who was able to take him down and tool on him. You'll never see the footage of that fight though.

Of course, Sherk isn't even in the same ball park as this individual in terms of striking, so he would probably have a hard time getting in on Mayweather to take him down without getting tagged in the process.

Too bad about the fight, it would have been fun to watch.


And one more thing about Floyd- with 4 oz. gloves, his hands would break. Guaranteed. Yet another reason why he was just mouthing off, and never had ANY intent of doing MMA.


There were no agreed upon rules in that match. It was Inoki-Ali, Inoki was in his prowrestling outfit and Ali was gloved up, the whole thing was about as real as any prowrestling match. In fact the Hulk Hogan-Rocky match, had more credibility for all intents and purposes.


This is absolutly assanine. Show me a boxer that has ever been able to avoid a takedown by a skillled wrestler. Sherk is insanly quick. I can't think of a top 20 LW that could absolutly dismantle any boxer in the same wt class. Just like any top 100 boxer would have no problem dismantling a top 10 judo player in a boxing match. It's just not a fair match-up.


You talking about the Kerr fight? That was a classic.