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Dana Loesch Pwns Piers Morgan


This broad is full of win. I never cared for her much, but dang. She won a bunch of respect points with this.


What a crappy broadcast.

Firstly the guy is not dead so he's not fucking with no virgins. Secondly a gun would have been useless since they ran him over before they started stabbing him.

London isn't the wild west and I'd rather keep it that way.


What is that ''Pwns'?'....why do people write that confusing shit....is that a new word?...what the fuck is ''Pwns''?
Is that an internet bastardization of "Owns''?....why don't you just type ''Owns''? It looks better
and it could mean the same fuckin' thing.


Had I spelled out "owns", you would not have had an opportunity to waste the 45 seconds it took you to type out a post complaining about a word with no vowels.

No need to thank me.


Unless Lee Rigby was able to go all Tango & Cash on the car before it's fender smacked him square in the ribs, a firearm wouldn't have done shit.

Loesch seems ridiculous here, not only to bring up unrelated criticisms of Morgan (Don't get me wrong, I think Piers Morgan is a venomous cunt), but to also play her victim card so readily in an effort to somehow diminish Morgan's political credibility through nought more than a sluggish ad hominem.

If that was really the extent of her tweets, and she was willing to rely on that sordid mess for the sake of argument as opposed to actually responding to the debate at hand in an appropriate and logical manner, then what god damn use is she? Unless she's willing to work part time as a pub comedian, she should take some time away from her ego and pull up a legitimate and well-thought claim for the situation at hand.

She deserves no flowers from Piers Morgan, all she deserves is an opposing view to paddle away her garbled bullshit.


Who cares about Piers Morgan anyway?
The latest viewer ratings were that only around 300,000 people in the whole damn Country tune in to that
beady-eyed Brit's show in the first place....a mere fraction of a fraction of the population.


There is a significant back story to their back-and-forths about 2nd amendment rights.

It is at the point where they are both doing it to drum up the clicks and hashtags to get traffic to their respective programs/blogs/whatevers.

Morgan is a pile a trash, and deserves every rash of shit he gets, but her comments stem from months of twitter and on-show fighting. But both of them pick up followers, clicks and views every time they show up on twitchy, so they keep doing it.


Like I said, I'm not a fan of hers. Her reply was more about the hypocrisy of Piers Morgan chiding her about what she said. And that deserved an attaboy.

Piers Morgan saying anything even remotely critical of someone making light of a horrible situation is the journalistic equivalent of a crack whore attending the intervention of the town drunk.

Wasn't he run out of the UK with his head hung in shame? Other than the common knowledge that Piers is about as ethical as a politician, I know nothing about the limey bastard - I don't watch any of the cable news channels.


Yeah, while I still think she whipped up something as a false blanket to keep her in the running, Piers Morgan does indeed have no right to talk about respect and morals.

Essentially, for anyone with even a remote interest in politics and political journalism in Britain by that point, Piers Morgan was deemed a filthy snake. If anything you may have heard about the Rupert Murdoch 'News Of The World' phone hacking kerfuffle and the subsequent inquiry into it by Lord Leveson (Aptly named the "Leveson Inquiry"). Piers had already been lynched over to the US at that point, but he was still very recently involved in this.

Essentially, he allied himself with Murdoch and tried to skirt around any absolutes in order to avoid saying anything that would directly implicate himself, Murdoch, or any of the others involved. His whole testimony was ridiculous, he was not taking the situation half as seriously as he needed to, and while admitting to hearing recorded messages, still denied any absolute knowledge of phone hacking having occurred. There are even allegations that he has published certain articles that were knowingly sourced directly from the phone hacking operation.

I mean he's done plenty more than that too, his controversy spans pretty far and wide. At one point he was the judge of our talent show, and I'm sure if anyone has watched yours over there when he was judging that, you'll have a pretty strong idea of why those disinterested in politics also dislike him. He's pompous and he has no distinct level of empathy for anyone, his ego is incredible and his morals have all but been dusted away under the rug.

I do loathe Piers Morgan, but I still can't help but see that lady's response as somewhat of a cop-out.