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Dan John's Overhead Pressing Template


(For Gals Esp. But Not Exclusively)

It's part two of last week's interview with dj

the template:

press daily.



Thanks for posting!! :slight_smile:

pressing movements have always been my favorite. Do you have any good 'how to' links to the windmill and see saw press? I've do both, but it's nice to see that I'm doing them right!


mein bitte

best windmill is definitely andrea du cane's

great demos can be found on kettlebell goddess dvd

there's also an awesome discussion/breakdown of it in "from russia with tough love" - great book just on general health/training

let me know if you get either and what you think.
else, seeing an RKC II coach is a super option.



This is awesome, mc.

Thanks for posting this info. I'm trying to put more effort and dedication towards my pressing movements since I royally suck at them. Trying to change my mindset as well :slight_smile: