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Dan John's - Never Let Go - Free on Amazon


This was posted up in the powerlifting sub-forum but I know that not everyone goes in there. This is the Kindle edition but you can get the Kindle application free for your phone and PC so that's not a hurdle (unless you don't have a computer or phone. But then you probably wouldn't be here...).



Thanks James, saw that in the PL forum but didn't realize you can do the Kindle thingie on a PC. Loaded up!


I have a nook, but Ill download it on my phone...


I didnt know you had a Nook also.

What kind of books do you read?

You know you can lend books to people right.


Oh shit thats right....I never used it before...book buddies bro?

I tend to go with non-fiction, biographies, current events and Social issues...


Awesome I tend to go for the total opposite. Fiction and fantasy :slight_smile:

Fucking lol.


You can do Kindle on Ipad too.
thanks for the link