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Dan John's 'Never Let Go' Ebook


Amazon is giving away the Kindle ebook version for free for a limited time. I think it only works for people in the US. I've always been a big fan of his thoughts and philosophy and recommend grabbing a copy before it's gone.


This book is a definite "must have". Thanks for posting this link.



thanks for the heads up


Started reading this today. The first chapter has a bit too much T-Nation and Biotest plugging, but it seems like a solid read. Would recommend, so far.


Downloaded it yesterday. We'll see where it goes. I love Dan John - him, Wendler and Rippetoe have that no bullshit , lift like a man and just be awesome attitude that I love. The world needs more people like that!


Thanks, look forward to reading it this weekend.

I have always appreciated Dan John's articles.


Is there a way to get the ebook without kindle?


You don't have to have a kindle. There are kindle applications for windows and android machines. I read books one on my two laptops and my phone and they all stay synched up.



^ What he said. Just go to the link, and it will give you a prompt so you can download the Kindle program for your PC. Same for iPad, and some Android tablets.