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Dan John's DVD

If don't have it get it.  It is both fun and full of good stuff.  I just got mine in the mail.  I watched it.  Went straight to my gym and did some of the execises and I feel stronger already.  Also, it is pure Dan John the section on stretching had me rolling as did the intro.

I'm going out on a limb here--I think the cinimatography is a little better than Louie Simmons VCR tapes. I have four of Louie's tapes. All classics in their own rite.

Finally, I want to know if there has ever been an accidental death of a pet scampering around Dan while he was carrying a heavy object.


It IS a very worthwhile DVD and anyone who buys it will love it.


Where can I get it? Does Biotest sell it?



Here's a thread talking about where to purchase it.



Thank you.