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Dan John's Complexes vs. 40 Day Workout

Can somebody explain to me why one would use complexes for hypertrophy and the the 40 day workout for overall strength and fat loss?! I did complexes before for fat loss, seemed to me the better option as you are more or less super-setting a number of exercises. I want to give the 40 day workout a try, but i’m confused as to how it would be for fat loss.

I’ve spent a couple of evenings sifting through the forums here, and Dan John himself recommends 40 day for fat loss and complexes for hypertrophy. I respect the guy very much, it just seems to me that complexes make you sweat like a beast (i’ve done them and dropped 6 kg’s on them) and the 40 day (do not max out/short workout) would do very little for fat loss.

I know a lot has to do with diet, but surely loading a bar with a couple of kg’s, squatting it, pressing it, b/o rowing it, cleaning it, dead-lifting it, etc. will burn every ounce of fat from your body as apposed to 2x5 deadlifts, 2x5 pullups, 1x20-30 kettlebell snatches?!

Any thoughts?

The 40 day workout is generally for strength and hitting new PRs in the big lifts, complexes are excellent for fatloss.

If you are really confused you could ask Dan some questions in his forum on the Dave Draper website