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Dan John's Big 21 Workout

Has anyone tried this before? I was thinking about doing it and wanted some input on it. What kind of results did you get from it? I was going to add some heavy hypers and sit-ups to the program, too.

Tried it.

From the beginning I calculated it so that I would add 5kg to my press and power clean PRs both.
My snatch didn’t improve that much, my clean and jerk benefited greatly. It was a lot of fun but the last few sessions were quite tough, almost passed out.

Eat plenty, sleep plenty and you’ll see good results. Technique also improved a lot, though I don’t recommend doing 5s. I did triples at best, except for the first set.

Regarding extra work: I didn’t feel the need or the energy to add anything and I wouldn’t if I were to do it again. The focus is on the three lifts, don’t take away from it. If you want to do other things, this is only three weeks. Do it afterwards.

Okay thanks for the input. I was planning on doing the Transformation Program for six weeks after the Big 21.