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Dan John 's 40 Day Program

I’ve been doing the “40 Day Program” for the last, well, almost 40 days now. I’ve had great success, and I love lifting almost everyday. The workouts are hard, but not too tough; I really look forward to them.

My squat and overhead press were my weakest points. I’ve gone from 2x5 at 205 to 2x5 at 255 on the squat and 2x5 at 105 to 2x5 at 135 on the overhead press(more importantly, my form has gotten MUCH better on both). I’ve also gone from 2x5 at bodyweight on pullups, to 2x5 at +35.

Anyway, I want to keep going, so I was thinking about just working up to a new one rep max on each lift. So, I’d keep the same lifts, but change it up to 2x3 for the next four or five weeks, and then heavy singles for four or five weeks. Then, maybe pick some new lifts (maybe power cleans or front squats) and start over.

How’s this sound as a plan?

Doesn’t Dan himself only recommend using this program for 40 days?

That’s one of the reasons I’m asking, I guess. I don’t remember Dan John warning not to do more than 40 days (he did say you could opt for fewer days, though). And this is based on Pavel’s Power to the People, which I don’t think has any time restrictions.

I know the body adapts to workouts, but I really like this pattern of exercise. So, I’m trying to keep it the same, but different. Same exercises, different number of reps, and so heavier weight. Hopefully this will keep the gains coming for awhile longer.

I’m wondering if others have had success with this program for more extended periods of time. I mean, it’s hard for me to imagine it could be bad to squat and press fairly heavy weights fairly often. But I thought I’d see if anyone had concrete experience.

I seem to recall Dan saying something that you might lose maximal strength when following the program for too long.

However, if this isn’t the case for you, and you’re still progressing, I don’t why you couldn’t stretch it out a little longer.

As is key with all training programs, judge their effectiveness on your progress. It seems obvious, but I see posts all the time where people completely have this concept fly over their heads.

well why not try pavel’s 3-5 routine for four weeks and then switch to the 2x3 for another 40 days?