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Dan John in Men's Health


I was flipping through a Men's Health today at work. And low and behold, there's an article by Dan John. The best kind of article: it was about squatting. he outlined some of the principles he talks about in his video on the net. Talked about how to squat correctly and learn the movement through use of the goblet squat.

Great article, Coach!




I'll check it out. I don't remember seeing Dan John in Men's Health before, but they've got a great lineup of regular contributors. Alwyn Cosgrove, Craig Ballantyne, Robert Dos Remedios, Mike Boyle, Jason Ferruggia, even the occasional Nate Green mention.


Yeah, that article was about the Goblet Squat. He's also in this month's issue talking about the benefits of the deadlift.


Yay! Now my buddy who is "stronger than me" might actually start doing deadlifts. For him Men's Health = Bible.