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Dan John DVD


Hey there guys and gals,

I just watched this video titled "Carried Away" that was put together by some young model looking guy that goes by two first names, the first one being Dan and the second one being John. Anyone heard of this cat?

After watching this, ALL I WANNA DO IS CARRY STUFF. This is the greatest DVD you have never seen.

It's Thursday night, and I don't have to work tomorrow. Also, I have been to the gym 3 days in a row, so tomorrow I want to do something outside. It's only goint to be ~ 108, so it should be fun.

Really though, this whole "functional strength" thing all makes sense when you see this stuff. It's the simple translation of gym efforts to the real world, whether that be the field or the farm.

Now, I gotta at least get me some kettle bells, a BFR 2005 (the 2000 models are all sold out), and perhaps a Judy (although I'll name mine Jennifer.)

Kids, buy the video - it is awesome.

This is the only place that I know of that sells it:




Amazing that Dan does not pimp his products.


I agree that it's amazing for someone not to pimp their own products but I also think it's entirely in keeping with what we've learned of Dan's character through all the posts and articles he's put on this site.


Very true, he's an amazing upstanding character.


Dan's the real deal! I hate paypal though. I gotta get a hold of him somehow to get a copy of his DVD.



Dan's not a pimp. He's a very kind, generous, and smart man.



You can use a credit card through paypal and thus are not required to open an account. FYI in case you were not aware.



Yes and no.

Yes, because this is awesome stuff.

No, because it's just not his style.

Nor is it the style of any of the big guns on here: namely CW, CS, DJ, and CT.

BUT, I do have not problem being their bandwagonesque groupie and promoting them and their stuff. Why? Because they have tremendously impacted my life. I want others to see the light, and these guys should get the recognition and rewards they deserve!

Bastard's Forever Grateful!


Hell YES Dan is an awesome well Character. as are the other Contribs I have met. at the last Staley Boot Camp. I Think Dan will be at the one this year as well. You all ought to try and make it. It worth the time and money.

Well In my opinion it is.

For what ever the hell thats worth


self bump before it falls off of the radar screen ...

will bump it several times this week with intentions of spreading the word ... am i getting "carried away"?




A final bump for the weekend. For you paypal haters, note that you can purchase through norcalcrossfit via paypal with a credit card and thus do NOT have to open a paypal account.

Check it out!



Great DVD. Mine arrived last week and I've watched it a ton since then.

Highly recommend this bad boy for strength/performance athletes. It's definately not a "bodybuilding" video, but everyone can benefit from this style of training.

Pull, Carry, Lift, Bust your ass. The Dan John mantra...simple but effective.