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Dan John - Bill March Question


Hi Dan,
I read in one of your Get Up Letters that you did a routine based on a program used by Bill March (incorporating isometrics). Could you please share that program with us? It sounds like you got super strong on this routine. Thanks.





I let Dan know you ask over here at the over 35 forum. Dan is only 27, so he might have missed it.

In his dreams.


I think I have the whole program in the lifting part of my web...see the part called "Old Stuff"

I will look around, too.


Thanks guys. I'll take a look at the Old Stuff. There was an article called 'Overview of the Bill March Materials'. But I guess I wasn't sure if Dan followed this exactly? Plus, I was a bit confused about the isometrics - did Bill (or Dan for that matter) perform pure isometric contractions or did you actually move the bar some? Thanks again guys.


The answer is Both!

Lou Riecke liked no movement and Bill liked to see the bar move. Be sure to read the Dick Smith interviews!!!