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Dan Green Training

Does anyone know where to find info on Dan’s training? Especially his overhead work. I’m not really finding much, which is surprising.

Brandon Campbell (I hope I’m writting this right) was training with him and had a lot of footage on youtube.Basically he does a body part split that’s built around the powerlifts

I’ll check that out.

I saw on Nerd Deadlift (I think that’s what it was called) that he trained like so:

Monday: Back squats, low and high bar
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Front Squats
Thursday: Military press, dumbbell press – a bodybuilder style day for arms
Friday: Deadlifts, block pulls and deficits with very few pulls off the floor
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Bench Press, pause bench, touch and go, speed bench, wide and close grip

Just saw this:

But no real details.

He had Brandon do something similar I think

Check the 2 BBSM playlists

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Cool. I’ll check that out, thanks.

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He has an article called “Bench more by Benching More” (Tribute to the late, great Norb!) on Juggernaut.

He mentions 3-5 sets of presses, and using volume to “build” shoulders to build up the bench.

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I’ll check that out too. He posts quite a bit of heavy seated overhead work on Instagrams, which is why I’m curious how he trains particularly for overhead pressing.

Man, speculating can get me in trouble;

But it looks like he does a lot of seated pressing. He kind of has that “super high incline bench” style of pressing.

Ya, that’s what I’ve noticed too. I’m pretty sure Wendler prefers standing overhead work as do some of the other coaches that advocated for overhead pressing. I’m wondering what the rationale is and, more importantly, if it’s something I should consider doing.

I press like a 9 year old girl, though, so…

There is definitely a lot going on during a standing press.

Being seated, with a little back support makes it easier to maintain position and focus on the shoulders.

I guess it comes down to if “Pressing” is a means to an end, or the end itself. Every strong MF’er I can think of had/has big shoulders. Some guys stand, some guys sit, or go behind the neck, or do lots of delt raises.

I think I’m going to be a rebel bad-ass, disregard any information that doesn’t back up my opinion, and focus on seated dumbbells for awhile.


When you do a standing overhead press, your scapulae are sort of ‘free floating’. Instead of having them pinned against the back of a seat or a bench, you have to support them yourself.

I find standing presses improve my shoulder health, but seated OH presses will tear up my shoulders faster than much of anything else I could do in the gym.


Dan wrote an article for JTS called “West of Westside” where he says he followed a traditional Westside split for years (and details the issues he had with it). So I know for sure he mimicked Westside for a time. Not sure what he does now.