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Dan Green Comeback?

A big name in powerlifting but injuries and such meant he wasn’t as competitive by the time I got into lifting. Monster lifts and totals on YouTube were great viewing.

I thought he was on the decline long past the height of his powers but seeing his recent Instagram posts, setting rep PRs on squat and deadlift, maybe the dream isn’t dead. Seems like he has had a run of being injury free.

I don’t know if he wants it anymore but I’d love to see him compete again. Anyone else a fan or want to see the Boss on the platform again?

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He’s been coming back for a while, he just keeps getting injured before he can make it to a meet. First he messed up his knee, then he tore a bicep. He’s stronger now than when he was competing regularly, it’s just a question of holding it together long enough to actually compete.


Yeah and injuries beget injuries. I like him and would like to see him get to another meet injury free and at the top of his game.

I like Green, but I’ve heard him in several interviews make some seemingly flippant comments about injuries, like “yeah injuries are just part of hard training” almost as if they’re a badge of honor or a sign that you’re pushing yourself, which I don’t agree with (could be totally misinterpreting too…). I would love to see him back on the platform, but also won’t be surprised if another muscle tear or something pops up before then.


I like Dan Green, but at some point you gotta focus on intensity or volume instead of both at the same time. Dude trains insane. Definitely motivated by him. But he’s gotta get smarter and know when to back off. It’s probably tough when you feel like you can run thru a brick wall.


I love watching his lifts on Instagram, but he doesn´t seem to be benching at all lately, all big Squat and DL variations, plus he always a wrap on or over his elbow even when resting, unlikely to see him compete soon if he can´t bench properly.
Wish him best though, it´d be great to see him compete again