Dan Austin Undulating Program

I am going to try and implement this simple program it goes like this

Each day you work up to whatever RM you want to but you keep at least two reps difference each day that you lift.for example monday-3rm wed-5rm friday-8rm You can lift 1-3 days per week. Deadlifts are done once while you could do a second day it should be a different variation. An advanced lifter does the same program but he reccomends rotating exercises eah workout at that point. I do have some questions not addressed in the book though…

  1. Supplemental/assistance lfts he doesnt go into much detail on the programming of them for instance if i do squats and then maybe front squats as supplemental. Should the supplemental lifts be taken to failure or how should it be done? Smaller assistance lifts im assuming you should go to failure or close to it?

  2. Rather than a supplemental lft could you just do backoff sets of the main movement except not to failure like squat to a 1rm of 460 then back offs with 385x3x5-8?

  3. Lastly when working up to a given rep range can you use the same amout of reps you are doing that day for example

This undulating program is appealing to me because it seems if i cant make a workout or 2 during the week it still allows progression without having to stick to a set program. Any thoughts are welcomei