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Dampening Noise of Medicine Balls

Anyone with any advice on how to dampen the noise created by violently throwing a medicine ball off a concrete wall?

The space where I train athletes has a physical therapy center underneath the room where 12 athletes are simultaneously performing medicine ball throws, and I’m getting complaints about the noise.

I thought about sound dampening foam, constructing a second wall etc. Any thoughts?


  • Fill the medicine balls with helium
  • cover them with cotton batting
  • pad the walls
  • work in two groups, one group lined up against the wall like dodgeball
  • give out overdoses of soy-based supplements prior to medicine ball workouts
  • free earplugs for the people downstairs
  • create a free-standing wall supported by an anti-gravity machine and throw off of that
  • use 5 oz medicine balls
  • stop bouncing the balls off the wall
  • you’re pissing off the neighbors
  • haven’t you ever lived in an apartment?

Have them throw one at a time. Have each person in line wait just a couple of seconds after the person before them throws theirs. Then only ball hits at a time.

Or line them up in 6 pairs and have them throw the balls to each other.

We do ours in a raquetball court. I stand behind my athletes and “bat” it down before it hits the wall. It’s actually pretty fun!