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Damned Old Endocrinologist


Why in hell aren't more doctors studying hrt? After all the shit i just wen't through,blood test after blood test,going cold turkey off hrt,living a real hell,just for the endo to say,well your hormones are normal! What the fuck is normal about 36pg/ml free test and 228 total? when i was on hrt for 3 mos. i was starting to feel great,now i have to start over.
Then he asks if i still wan't to still take hormones,well hell yes,then go see your primary doc.What an asshole!
Luckily my primary doc. is all for it, but now i have to educate her on what i need,i just tell her ,she usually agrees and writes me a script,i am currently awaiting the androgel pump so i can get a higher dose of T. my ins.only covers androgel this year,so i think that 7.5g should perk me right up!

  Sorry for rambling but man am i pissed at dumb old drs.


I could have written just about this same post last summer. Try going to a urologist, that might work out better in the long run.

Best of Luck!