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I know I haven’t posted here much recently, but could someone explain the different forums so I know what goes where?

From today’s Reader Mail:

The Lair of the Ice Dog: This is T-mag contributor Christian Thibaudeau’s forum. Christian is probably the fastest rising “guru” around in the strength and conditioning community.

Renegade Revolution: This forum belongs to Coach John Davies and his ever-growing army of Renegade athletes.

Chemical Solution: This forum is headed by supplement and drug demigod, Bill Roberts.

The Dog Pound: This is an unmoderated, semi-private area of the forum designed for T-forum veterans and contributors. Anyone can read this forum, but you have to be a member to post there (membership is free, of course). For a list of criteria, just go to the Pound and try to post. If you’re not a member, you’ll be given an “application” of sorts.

I think the rest are self-explanatory. Also, there has been some confusion about what forums are private - only the Pound. Anyone can post on the other new forums.

Hey, Prof X: check out the T/N forum, I’ve bumped up a “Forum Update” by Chris Shugart for you (and anyone else who’s lost). I think you need to contact Shugsy (via email), too!

With all the forums, it looks like the people will be able to chat with each other. However, I suspec that Chem Sol will just turn into a huge Q&A for Bill Roberts. Poor guy.

Hey Chris, have you been posting at GetBig lately under “chris s”?

I am too dumb to handle all these forums…can we go back to just one, like the good old days?

Brider - Nope. Not sure if I’ve even been to that forum.

Thanks, Chris and Patricia. I thought I had the wrong site for a minute. I hope all of this works out. It does make it easier to access certain “important” philosophies of bodybuilding and strength training, however, does anyone think this might over-complicate what many consider a much simpler process?