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Damn You, Shugart!

Damnit Chris… you’ve changed me. I can no longer look at fat people and not be pissed off or disgusted. I just look at them and start reciting your articles to myself. It’s almost a moral dilemma recommending the shakes at my restaurant to the fat people that come in, but if i dont I could get in trouble.

Every time I see a fatty, i just say “God damnit Shugs…”. Thats it… i need to lose 50 pounds. I’m really gonna bring out my abs now!

Come on, honestly.

Who needs someone ELSE to make us feel disgusted with obesity? It’s natural to feel repulsed. Obesity is ugly. I’m not hating on fat people, but everyone should take responsibility for their body condition, since the tools are out there to combat fatness.

It’s not the easiest thing for many to do, I know from personal experience. Unfortunately telling someone that they’re fat and need to eat better won’t work 9 times out of 10.

I agree totally, but I don’t need some else’s ok to tell me that fatness/obesity is gross.

Oh totally… But before I read a lot of Shugs stuff I didnt really care. I mean i definitely didnt like looking at fat people, but Shugs articles have me leaning towards negative thoughts in a big way.

“Keep eating fatty”
“Thats right…Take the elevator”

Stuff that I wouldnt have thought before now comes into my head immediately…so once again I say “Damn you Shugart!”

By the way, If Shugs read this please drop me a PM, I have a few questions to ask you.