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Damn You Autocorrect










lols, all funny






Are these fake or does shit like this actually happen to people?


I don't have the screencap, but my phone frequently autocorrects epic to erotic, and lots of other things to sexual things. So when I told my fiance my thanksgiving was epic, she was a bit surprised.


Probably like 75/25 in favor of fake? Autocorrect does do some weird shit though.


Turkey was AWESOME!

I love the autocorrect's that are done with/to parents, and the kids FLIP out, like the "shaved pork" one


I've had a few auto correct incidents. I should screen shot them more often.


Question for people that have the Evo, can you correct mistake spelling that is saved? Like sis instead of did? Is there a way to go back and delete incorrect spelling that you mistakenly saved?


i loled for real this time


most are fake. why the fuck would someone text 'i blew my nose twice, it wasn't that bad'.


My sister was texting her 17 year old son, who had recently left his girlfriends house and went over to hang out with his buds. When she asked why he left, my nephew replied that his gf was sick and not feeling well. My sister meant to reply "You should be over there babying her". Babying was autocorrected to "banging".


Yes, in settings. Don't have my Evo on me at the moment but can check later if you want the specific menu.


Wait, what?


I am average computer literate. I will check later for more details. Thanks a ton.