Damn_Yankee's V-Diet Log: Day 1, Sept 12

195lbs, 44yo. I do CrossFit 5x a week, and am a stay at home dad to my 2 boys. Looking to lean out the guy after a summer spent at our lake house enjoying life.

I think I need to fiddle with timing. Did my breakfast shake at 730a, and I always workout at 830a. When it was time for the Plazma, I couldn’t drink it. Got a few sips down, but was too full from the breakfast shake and a cup of black coffee. Plus, it was a brutal workout and I was dying the whole time :rofl:

Maybe tomorrow I’ll not do breakfast until after working out. Let the Plazma be my breakfast.

Just finished my lunch shake, along with a plate of mixed greens and 5 strawberries, since Biotest is out of Superfood. Gotta get the nutrients in.

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Welcome aboard! For morning lifters, Plazma as “breakfast” works well. I’d get at least half of it (half a serving or the first full serving if using two) down 15 minutes before training. Actually, this is exactly how Mark Dugdale, IFBB pro bodybuilder, does it since he prefers early morning workouts.

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Cool, I’ll give that a go tomorrow. Thanks for the reply!

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