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Damn What a Body



DAmn how much weight do you think he bench and curl with?


But what's with the little toothpick leg we can seen thru the holes in his pants?


Who knows, but I'm REALLY liking that polar bear cape.


who cares, he got pec implants like a fucking bitch. An article in M&F he admitted to getting pec implants because he didn't want to work as hard anymore and he was getting old. What a punk ass bitch, but he does have a lot of money.


Pec implants eh? It's not for me, but I have a friend who knows someone that has friends who would like to know about these implants.


where is the point of insertion in a male?
i.e. armpit,etc...


wasn't there some sort of deal that if someone would get pec implants T-Nation would pay for em. I'll have to search for the article.


found it, more of a why or why not thing.



I'm pretty sure it was lipo not implants. Lazy way out either way you look at it. Sad to see an elite athlete giving up on hard work. He's pursuing acting, you'd think he'd have more time to train.


you might be right about the lipo, if so I stand corrected. still lazy though.


I think some people are too concerned about what others do.

Who cares what surgery he did or did not choose for himself. It's his damned body and his damned life...


uh....good point. I feel stupid now.


Either way that is some body and it took a considerable amount of work to get there.


I sure hope you're a chick.


The Rock is HOT.


What tizzah said.


Not only that, it was for gyno that he had since puberty. Why anyone would insult him for getting that removed is beyond me. This is why he used to wear vests all of the time when he wrestled. What is funny is how random false gossip is spread like truth. Pec implants?


First of all,the rock did not get implants,he had a slight case of gyno as prof x said.he got the gyno removed around 1999,he never wore any vests just a t-shirt during this period after he had the gyno fixed.

What a body?? Sure but genetics play a huge part,have a look at the rocks dad,one big muscular mutha.

That pic of rock u posted,he was around 240 pounds ,back when he was HUGE he weighed in around 270-280.

But u can easily find out rock's training program by doing a bit of searching.



The Rock is a pussy; he never even did a pushup. It's all Hollywood and airbrushing. He only claims to have played football and wrestle so he can sell an image.

You know how I know? Easy, there is no way that anyone can be more of a stud than me, be bigger than me, stronger than me or more successful than me. Anyone who appears so is lying or faking. I'd make as much money as he does if I'd just sell out and lie like he does, but I don't want to lie.

I'd take him in a fight, and then do his girl, but I'm busy doing bicep curls in the squat rack with pink dumbbells.



what movie is that from?