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Damn! These are hard! (glute-ham raises)

I just wanted to provide my feedback on glute-
ham raises (I had never done them before). Not
only are glute-ham raises an incredible
strength training exercise for hams, but they
seem to be really good as a therapeutic
treatment too. My hams haven’t felt this good
in a while. I had some adhesions in my right
ham that I had been planning on getting
treated with ART, but after doing the g-hs for
a few weeks it feels about 90% better - so I
might just skip the ART. If you have any
hamstring “issues” you really need to do

Hey Free, have you ever tried a reverse-hyper machine? If so how do they compare? I was actually thinking about saving up for a r-hyper machine to combat my chronic back problems, but they are a good chunk of change. As you can guess I work out at home. I haven’t heard much about the glute-ham raise since Fred Hatfield touted them-but he always insisted thay had to be done on a piece of equipment specifically made for them. How did you do yours?

Yes I’ve done reverse hypers and I think they
are a great exercise for addressing lower back
problems. I don’t even think you really need
a special piece of equipment to do them. Just
use a back hyperextension or even a tall (heavy) table and hold a dumbell with your
feet. As far as glute-ham raises, I think
they are much less effective re: lower back
but are much more effective for training/
treating hams.

Sorry, missed your last question in my
previous post. The gym I go to has ab boards
with foot braces at the end. I just jammed
my ankles underneath the foot braces face
down with my knees bent and 90’ and used
my hams to lower myself to the board.