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Damn the ACC

I went to school at FSU and have always had to listen to how soft the ACC and FSU had no real competition. Well, it looked as if that all was changing around 2000. With Amato, Friedgen,2 NFL coaches-Gailey and Groh, another Bowden in the conference…all these high calliber coaches who know how to recruit. It was good for all of about 2 years…and that was that.

Now days, none of these teams mentioned above can put together a consistent winning program. They lose games they have no business losing. Oh sure they’ll sneak up and beat FSU or Miami…but turn around and lose to Wake or North Carolina. The ACC is the most overrated conference. Thank god they added VA tech and Miami because the original ACC boys aint gettin’ it done!!

OK, that was building up for some time. You may now tell me how wrong I am(I’ve learned this is not the place to mindlessly rant).

They don’t consistantly win (read: dominate) only BECAUSE of the parity of the league. Step back and take a look at the ACC’s record against other conferences, not against conference play, and you will see that the ACC has consistantly been a very strong and tough conference.

For example, the SEC is considered one of the toughest football conferences, yet holds a decidedly LOSING record to ACC teams over the past decade.

Much like in basketball, the ACC beats ITSELF up because it is balanced (for the most part), wheras teams like USC get to seem dominant while playing a semi-soft PAC 10 schedule. (Nothing against a great USC team, but the PAC 10 can’t even spell defense). Of course any above average team will dominate the PAC 10, therefore USC has consistantly (lately) dominated their conference.
That wouldn’t and won’t happen in the ACC.

FSU is a great program but they loose a lot of crediblity with the criminial high jinks every year at the local Hecht’s or whatever…then again being a Hokie fan I have to admit our quarterbacks have a problem treating the ladies right (Vick 2 and Drunkenmiller). Maybe these guys can play for the Vikings.