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Damn...stuck in the snow

Gawd damn it…7 inches of snow up in the DC area…i cant get out…Guess will have to skip my workout today. Even worse, I left my jug of protein at work.


Ummm… 7 WHOLE inches? And you can’t get out? Geez, I remember getting snow like that a few years back… a buddy of mine and I rode our mountain bikes in to work, and we were the only ones there on time. I don’t know, maybe DC is different, but people in the Seattle area are HORRIBLE drivers in snow (whodathunkit with the Cascades just an hour’s drive away), and it takes a bit more than that to shut down the town. Get creative. Build a HUGE snowman. Shovel the snow off the whole block. Probably SOMETHING you can do for a workout.

Did you see the bodyweight workout in the current issue of T-mag by Ian King? No reason to miss a workout.

I’m in East Ky right now and I feel ya’. We got about 4 though and lots of ice. Nice though for christmas eh?

I live on the coast in South Carolina. When you live in an area that doesn’t get much snow (here to northern NC), things shut down pretty easily. I’m not exagerrating, the PROSPECT (70% chance or more) of any snow at all, hell, even ice, will shut down the entire city. It snowed three inches here once, so everything was shut down for about 3 days. The grocery stores ran out of milk, bread, and water.

Unfortunetly, outside of major snow areas, there is no equipment to handle snow accumulation or ice on the roads. No one has equipment of any kind like snow tires and the rest. Better to be careful than to have a bus full of kids get in an accident.

Don’t they plow the streets?

This part of Jersey (along the coastline), we have anywhere from 8-12 inches depending on the area. Looks like 8 inches at where I am. The sad thing was I went in to work too and got stuck in the snow several times. Oh well, it’s great experience (maybe)…

Seven inches? Thats a light dusting. Come to Minnesota for a winter, they won’t close schools until we get around ten inches. I learned to drive in the snow. Anyone else drive a rear wheel drive truck? I don’t know how often I actually have control when it gets slippery.

Plow??? the main streets look ok but everything else looks like a mess or a snow blanket… Area schools (DC) are closed tomorrow (friday)…As for the reply about Minnesota…I know all about it since my wife is from Wisconsin…gawd damn…I hate it up there!!! Always hate to go up there for the holidays…usually forced to attend to one of the Packers games

Yeah, they closed UMCP for this dusting today. What really got me was that Montgomery Co. schools announced that they would closed last night before a single flake had fallen!

Me too live in DC. People cannot drive here when it rains no way in hell I am going to see what they do in snow no way. I stay home kill stuff on my computer games. I did go out though and push like 6 cars our of the snowbanks in front of my house. The people were much happy I am a gorilla. Peace, K