Damn Stomach Virus, Can't Eat.

So we’ve all heard of the E. Coli outbreak. Seems it was rather concentrated in WI as well. Up until my college graduation a few days ago I was living in Madison WI, eating a ton of spinach. At the time I had started taking HRX, also picked up some flax oil pills. Whenever I’d eat a salad, i’d pop a few flax oils and later on i’d get this terrible pain in my stomach.

At the time I had no idea there was some E. Coli outbreak going on as I didn’t have TV or Internet access. I figured it was from the HRX or the Flax.

Well it’s 2.5 weeks later. I just ate breakfast and now im in pain. Anytime anything goes into my stomach and starts digesting it hurts. I’m going to see a doctor tomorrow. But all I know is this is a pain, literally…Pretty much I have to starve all day, can’t go lift either due to lack of energy.

Alright, end rant. Just figured I’d share, anyone else have any complications due to eating spinach?