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Damn - Some Hot Teachers





Lucky bastards.


"In July 2006, Pamela Rogers was ordered by a Tenn. judge to seven years in jail for violating her probation on a sentence for having sex with a 13-year-old boy. At the hearing she said, "I am willing to do anything to rehabilitate myself." Yet in 2007, she received an extra two years for again sending nude photos to the boy."

She was convicted, broke probation by sending him nude texts and videos etc, was sentenced for breaking probation, then got an extra 2 years for sending more! Wtf could a thirteen yr old boy have for this 23 yr old blonde to want him like that?. Now thirteen yr old girls on the other hand...


Such a shame. I would've given an arm an` a leg to bang hot MILFS at 13/14. Fuck the Police!



Yeah. Hot. Oh wait, it said that she raped the boy. Nevermind, that makes sense.


If you're on meth, it does.


It says she's from Tampa - maybe they meant "Tamper".


Where were all the hot slutty teachers when I was in school?!?!


too busy banging your classmates apparently


These kids will go their whole lives and never again accomplish anything as awesome as this.

It sucks they send the women to jail though. If I were 14 I'd be pissed if my fuck buddy got sent to the pen.


Im surprise this happens more than it does.


you're surprised this happens more than it does? do you mean you're surprised this happens as much as it does?


I don't get why they'd send the teacher to prison, where's the harm?! It's not like we don't need working teachers either.

In high school I tried everything to get some from my teachers but failed miserably. If I had succeeded, the last thing I would have wanted is for her(s) to be sent to jail.


If there were teachers like this when I was in school I would have done much better


Are you guys for real?

30 year old male teacher sleeps with a 14 year old female student, is your answer, "where's the harm?"


Dude, you can't rape the willing.


Would you tell that to the parents of a 14 year old girl?

Edit: actually that one was 12 at the time.


No, but A) I was never a 14 year old girl so I don't know how they think and B) I was a 14 year old boy once, and I would have given a kidney and part of my liver to fuck any of those teachers regularly.


I always thought there was some sexual tension there. Never thought they might be indulging in class bukkake though.