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Damn Shoulders

alright then, here goes nothing… I am 33 years old, I’ve been training for 15 years, I have experienced gains with the likes of Deca, Sustanon, equipoise, winstrol, masteron, test prop. As for PCTs clomid, nolva and anastrozole for a.i. No not all of those at once, just over the years. Long story short, I was in a motorcycle accident in August. I separated my right shoulder and yes, snapped three tendons and dislocated my left shoulder.

I am well aware of the impact that this has happened on my life as well as training ability or lack thereof but, always a but, I refuse to just accept this and live the rest of my life not enjoying it. This is not where the question lies. There will be gear involved to get my muscle density and strength back up. Im sure a few people will say accept it and move on or bypass gear. Thank you in advance for looking out but please dont tell me what my body needs or wants unless you have gone through the injuries and cycle to follow and had undesirable results.

Everyone is different and has different goals and I need a custom fit for my situation. The conundrum is: my shoulders wont have the means to build enough tissue to support my joints etc in this shape nor will I be able to ever lift enough to change that naturally now and have lowered my standards for my physique but not abandoned them, nor will I. Again, muscle density and strength is my goal. I am aware tendons play into this tremendously hence, my problem. I will go slow and focus on form, its not a race, I know.

I will not be a bodybuilder in this life anymore, I admit that at this point but know the effects of these compounds have in my body and think it is the best route to stay sane and function in life. Not to mention I have the entire rest of my body to tear up and utilize. I am a blackbelt in kung fu and boxed for years muay thai and trained mma as well. I only say this so those of you with similar interests might appreciate and chime in if that were taken from you when you woke up one day. Im not built to lose.

I would rather deal with dense muscle and the ability to lift my arms using muscle more so then relying on my joints to do it for the rest of life and the debilitating emotional state that is caused from shoulders being in this shape. I am aware tendons and ligaments grow and support weight and certain compounds play into or against that. I am trying to gain mass to keep the joint as tight as possible and muscles as strong as possible to avoid further problems saying I dont do anything to cause them.

My shoulders have full range of motion but as stated prior, I need to keep them strong as to shape the rest of my body and function better in life. I prefer quality of life and this is no way to live for me. I am moving forward with this and would love help reaching my goals. I am thinking deca for size for anti inflammatory/mass and Eq for mass/strength and a test prop as a underlying steady compound. Of course with a.I. and pct. I am going to find my sweet spot with what works getting me there then the most intellegent way to maintain it.

Was that for me Chobbs? About shoulder dislocation? Anyone?

I dislocated my left shoulder in highschool and thought I couldn’t lift anymore. Slowly got back into lifting in my early 30’s and it feels better and more stable than ever. That’s even after it kept dislocating after surgery. The peck deck really helps me. I just do it for my shoulder stability. Started very very light. Now I can do it for heavier weight and it feels awesome.

As far as over head stability, I can push press my bodyweight (225lbs). Nothing to write home about, but my shoulder injury isn’t holding me back. I do a pretty standard push pull legs program and never have a problem. Just do the rehab work and slowly come back to it. I wouldn’t be worrying about AAS. You need to just get the motions down with light weight first.

I feel ya sonnyp. All good advice and glad to hear you are killin it in the gym again. The initial dislocate was in August and healed completely no prob, til 5 days ago. Popped out with a jarring pulling motion in a crowd of routy people. I do have the rest of my body to keep in consideration as for aas too please keep in mind. 5 nights ago it was immobile, today 100% range of motion with a quick pinch of pain at overhead extension which I wouldnt be stupid enough to do in the gym anyways at this point.

I know all bodies are different butI’m not sure what’s going on with the socket or if it needs to heal further, or if once it was in then just a matter of muscle placement and strengthening etcetera. Again, full range of motion and minimal pain. My mind is telling me the sooner I can rip up the post delts, all delts for that matter, rhombis, traps and heal them above and beyond natural it might expidite my goals…?

I get that. The more “assistance” lifts I do that engage my delts, the more stable my shoulder feels.

Thanks sonny. Keep up the good work man

I feel you pain as I type this with one arm… I was told 9 years ago not to train due to arthritis in my glenohumerol joint. This was not an acceptable answer for me. I trained just stayed away from the hard on the shoulder movements. A year ago in feb I tore my distal bicep tendon off deadlifting and had it repaired. I was 7 weeks out from a bodybuilding show when it tore off.

I rehabbed and was back stronger than before by September and set to begin my pre contest again. In mid september I injured my shoulder with what they thought at the time was a mild bicep proximal (shoulder end this time) tear. It was getting better quickley so I figured ok but it was really unstable. Mid December with my mind still on competing I began to experience weakness in my entire left arm, shoulder, scapula was diagnosed via multiple mris with a nerve issue called acute brachial neuritis.

Was gone and back to training by mid january to late to compete but still happy to be back at it. By the way the stability was still not back where it was post injury form Sept. Another issue in early Feb and I went back for my shoulder and this time got an MRI. Turns out I tore both my Supraspinatus and Infraspinatus off completely in Sept and was still training with full range of motion and little pain because my deltoid was comepensating for the detached rotator cuff muscles.

Multiple issues with this. First becuase I had arthritis already and now an unstable shoulder if I didn’t get it fixed I was screwed. Second if I didn’t get it fixed and have a fully functioning rotator cuff when not if but when I need a replacement shoulder my only option was terrible due to the lack of fully functional rotator cuff muscle.

Third and this was the worst my original physician said no sense in trying to fix this because you will eventually need a new shoulder anyway and your functional now and with this much time passed and the atrophy to the detached muscles they werent sure if they could repair it… Im 38 btw and clearly this physician didn’t realize that they can’t put in most shoulders without a rotator cuff that works. I sent my shoulder MRI to the best surgeon in our state.

He is the team surgeon for the MN twins. He said you need to be here immediatly…he also was doubtfull about a complete repair but thought he may get a partial and stablize it more than it was. Fast forward to today… I sit here 1 week post op with a FULLY reattached rotator cuff, both muscles/ tendons went back where they belonged.

Now I have a long road of recovery in front of my. Also the tear didnt occur due to the arthritis, i had a ligament that calcified and was cutting the rotator cuff muscles…When this heals I should be back to just the arthritis and I will train again… HGH is the healing method of choice I don’t care what anyone else says.

My bicep was stronger than before after 6 months instead of 12. My shoulder will be strong again… However I am waiting the full amount of rehab time. I can’t screw this up.