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Damn Rain

Just wanted to vent my frustration. Missed 3 GPP workouts, 2 last week, 1 today due to storm. Cement mix for sled dragging doesn’t bode well with water, neither does my agility ladder. What the hell?? It’s Arizona people. Where’s the frickin sun?

How about Renegade lightining rod runs??? Just get out and do 500 burpees in the rain and mud like a crazed war mongering Marine. That ought to ease you tension.

Haha. DARK RENEGADE, I was gonna post something about finding the rain more challenging. But I was like, nah, I am sure someone else will lay it on this guy.

Send that rain over to the NW. The Salmon won’t come up the rivers, and the Steelhead are lock jawed. I want RAIN.

Aloha! It is over here…

Machine, I have to admit, you have some cajones to post this. But, I’ll hope everyone goes easy on you.

Buy some sand bags instead of cement mix. Do hurdle work instead of agility. I agree with Dark Renegade; are you going to let some members of the military show you up? Burpees in the rain, baby. GPP can be done anywhere and anytime.

You’re a machine<\b>, man, a MACHINE! Bring it!

ko you need to try ontario great lakes salmon fishing instead. Boated a dozen 15lb+ chinook in one morning a couple weekends ago. Georgian bay salmon are squeaky clean too. Why buy fish oil caps?

If you don’t know my workout program, don’t talk smack. Period. Not that I need to defend myself, but I did do a workout in the rain. Wheelbarrow strolls in the muddy grass barefeet for 10 minutes with some agility work barefeet. For you concerned ones, my non-weighted GPP is done in the morning when there is no rain so burpess are being done Dark Renegade, not to mention jump rope, jacks, skips, etc., etc. I didn’t post for suggestions or to get a kick in the ass, although sometimes I’ll need one. As you can see, I’m still frustrated from missing my workouts. And Jeremey, you’re right dammit, I’m a MACHINE!! Time to hit the park. Later.

(there that should close this goddamn bold type)…

Sounds pretty good, but I kinda want to hook into something a little bigger. If you come out my way I will get you into a 30+ lb chinook. Some guy just nailed a 54 lb'er in my favorite river the other day. BASTARD.

ooops!! (A thousand pardons for the horrible html tag I used earlier to bold)

Sooweeet. Fighting a 50+ pounder is like an EDT session of cable rows. I think the biggest one we got this year was about 26 lbs…they don’t get much bigger than 30lb in the Georgian. I’ve tried my hand at pacific river salmon in the Fraser (sp?) but never had any luck (no rain, low rivers much like you’ve got now).

This was in todays paper. Some dude nailed a 66lb chinook. They did not have a picture, but I will see if I can find one.Heres the article:

http://www. oregonlive.com/sports/oregonian/index.ssf?/xml/story.ssf/html_standard.xsl?/base/sports/1031831821265462.xml

The Siletz is a small coastal river, but has some big fish.

Heres the link to the picture. It was on the Rogue river not th Siletz.

http://www.CURRYCOUNTYREPORTER.com/ story7.shtml

Big fishie.

I just checked out the article…yeah baby! My faith in west coast fishing just climbed a couple notches. I’m moving to Vancouver in the spring so I’ll get another crack at it yet (followed by another and another…). Trolling the open water near the river mouth produces big time, but actually fishing in the river is definitely the ‘dream scenario’ as far as nature-lovin’ fun goes. Tight lines.

Just in time for spring chinook and then summer steelhead is right around then corner. Hot summer day, mountain stream, beer in hand, and a steelhead stripping line off your reel…FISH ON!!!