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Damn Personal Trainers

There is a lot a bitching on this site about people curling in the squat rack and other such nonsense, but does anybody ever actually say something?

For example, I recently started lifting at a Gold’s in AF, Utah (btw, not to hate but Utah people seem kinda bitchy; maybe I just haven’t met too many cool people) which I was happily suprised to see had a lifting pad. Unfortunately, if I don’t go in early enough in the day, I have a good chance of being blocked from using said pad by a personal trainer and his client.

Usually, it’s swiss ball exercises or band press/stretch/movements. I’ll usually ask if they’re going to be there long in an effort to hint that I want to use the equipment that they are not using but blocking. The answer is invariably 10-20 minutes that I have to spend extending my warmup.

Now, 10-20 minutes isn’t a big deal, but I hate the fact that they aren’t even using the damn lifting pad. That’s what annoys me. The exercises they’re doing could be done anywhere in what is easily the biggest gym I’ve ever worked out at. Not to mention that this is a regular happening (maybe I just have bad timing).

I don’t ever say anything since they were there first plus it’s probably bad karma to berate a trainer in front of a client. So, has anybody ever actually requested that someone relinquish an ill-used piece of equipment?

[quote]Nick H wrote:
So, has anybody ever actually requested that someone relinquish an ill-used piece of equipment?[/quote]

Yes, of course. Just don’t be a jerk.
Be polite when you ask and it may work out for you. If they refuse, continue to be polite and patient, and just have a short conversation with the management to see if they’ll put a sign up or something so you won’t have to worry about it the next time. I wouldn’t go around naming specific people either.

(I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it anymore though. Home gyms are great in this respect.)


Nick, no offense, but this doesn’t make much sense to me.
You don’t need to berate anybody, what may seem silly to you may work perfectly for them. Don’t assume that everybody who walks into a gym is looking for the same thing that you are.

Some people aren’t interested in increasing muscle mass, improving body composition, or gaining more functional strength. I wouldn’t waste my time worrying about how much their exercise routine sucks. I would just calmly and politely ask if I could work in and if you have to explain, then tell them that you can’t do your choosen exercise anywhere else and you are short for time. I don’t think you need to explain yourself anyway, but on the off chance that this trainer is a dick, you could at least have something to complain to the manager to if he treats you with any disrespect.

I don’t think there would be a problem if you just asked to work in, if you came to my gym and I was the trainer in that situation I would quickly realize your situation and move somewhere else, it really wouldn’t be that big a deal.

Yeah this one isnt too hard. Of course ask them to move. Something along the lines of “Hey do you guys mind if I get in here for a set?” They’ll move over. Most of the campers I dont think realize they’re in the way.