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I hope that's Photoshopped, but if it's not, too many of those oil injections for that guy, heh.


Photoshop is fun isn't it?


I really hope it is computer generated.

The stuff ppl are capable of doing to their bodies with the crap they sell nowdays is simply scary.


You must be blind if you cant tell its photoshopped.


Yeah, his nuts are too big.


See this is what happens when you cross nano-technology with gene-splicing and Deca.......


Hmm....i would def. say that pic has been screwed w/....but in the unlikelyhood that is wasn't....i feel sorry for the guy, how the hell would he buy any clothes? seriously...you'd be condemned to man thongs forever...well w/ those nuts idk if the word is "condemned" but you get my drift


What? NO GH GUT??? Has to be photoshopped. Pros don't have those types of abs. sarcasm(well sorta)


Where did you get that picture of me?


See, steroids don't shrink your nuts!

I actually saved that picture to my computer when I saw someone else here post it. I wanted to see what my wife said about it and the first word out of her mouth was "gross".

I told her that I'd finaly be satisfied once I look like that...but until then, I'll just be happy at best.


It most certainly IS faked.


How's there even an arguement as to whether that's photoshopped? That guy would be 400lbs at 5'10" and we'd have heard of him.


Could he bend his arm to brush his teeth if it were a real picture?





Branch Warren?


I'm sure if we tied a couple of ropes around his ankles he would make a great parade balloon...


even though he is my training partner and I spot him in the power rack when we do conc. curls

I'm really really hopeing you people responding to this are being sarcastic and really not a bunch of dumb asses.


He looks ok but that chin would really turn the babes off.


I disagree. I don't think he's filling out that thong very well at all.