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Damn My T-Levels

I just did a saliva test for my testosterone levels last week and the results are kind of disappointing:

8AM reading - Ref range pmol/L: 392
4PM reading - Ref range pmol/L: 137

8AM reading - ref range pg/mL: 349

Back in the end of June I had a blood test and my t-level was 612.

I’ve been on the Anabolic Diet for about 3 weeks, I eat tons of fish oil and flax.

I’m not sure how to interpret these results or what to do. This was a MaleCheck salivary hormone analysis

I am 36 years old…any advice?

Thanks for moving this

Also, back in June I was taking Alpha Male, but I haven’t been on it for a few weeks.

Take a Rhein Labs 24 hour urine hormone panel. Your family Dr can order it and it will only cost you $250 that you can submit to insurance. It’s accurate and takes away the time of day guessing game.

Is it normal for levels to fluctuate like that?

Either way I’m disappointed in the “high” number

I really don’t understand all this very well

Honestly I wouldn’t even consider the saliva labs. Do the 24 hour urine and get a clear picture of where you’re at.