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Damn my ass hurts

I have doing the EDT training for about 8 weeks know. I have made more muscle gains and lost more fat in these last 2 months then in the previous 6 months of training. The only problem that I have is the lunges. I am doing a total of about 50 reps right know with 60 lb dumb bells in 20 minutes. So now the problem. 2 days after the evil lunges my ass hurts so bad that I can barely walk let alone sit down into my car. Can I expect this to go away. No other muscles ever hurt like this. I dread doing these things, I am out of breath and ready to pass out after 10 minutes.

Not to mention sitting on the toilet!!! Nothing is worse than trying to take a dump the day or two after doing high volume squats or lunges.

Why don’t you try Chad Waterbury’s 100 rep routine with body-weight lunges?

Thanks, I never thought about that 100 rep workout. I read the article a few weeks back. That may be just what I need.

Well, I did warn that you’d be sore…try pre-workout vitamen C and post-workout cryotherapy as discussed in my EDT arm training articcle. Also, postpone the next workout until all traces of soreness are gone. Best of luck…

I also have problems with ass pain from doing squats or lunges. My hams and quads will hurt but nothing like my ass. I have no clue what causes it… All I know is that it hurts. But the 100 rep idea sounds like a great thing to try to help alleviate this.