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Damn MP3 Players!


hey all,

well, i sought the advice of the members here not less than a week ago about which mp3 player to buy..

i settled in a recommendation made here and was really happy with my service from the company i bought it from. It arrived the next day!

So im here, all exited and loading up some songs. "Ha" i said to myself. "dont have to chat crap to anyone tomorrow, just listen to my tunes and lift. Great"... so i sit here and load some tunes up. Some music formats arent recognised....not to worry...then ....bag. Malfunction!

How the hell do i reset these things?
my device is no longer recognised....

i want to hit it.



Can't do much to help you without knowing what kind of player you bought. Are you using the software that came with the player to upload the songs or are you mapping it like a USB harddrive?



What kind did you get?


It all depends on what model and brand you bought... Have you set up the program correctly to download music? Some programs are a little tricky unless you have the simplest systems which are just drag and click...

Let us know so we can help out.


sorry all - its a rio carbon 5 gig beauty. Shes just in a huff. I was using real player at the time to transfer files. The problem arose when one of my files was not labelled correctly.

I thought it would play mp3, wma and all the other stuff but it doesnt.

I assumed both real player and windows media player were ok to use with any mp3 player as they have the appropriate eject device buttons to stop occurensies like this happening.

Did i pull it out too soon? Never thought id be asking that.


Need more details, but I would first trying unpluging and pluging in the usb cable. If it doesn't pick it up, try to manually scan for hardware changes. Also check the documentation to see if the player has to be in a certain mode for you do upload data. If it does pick it up, I would just open the device up in windows explorer and copy the files over. For me that's the quickest and easiest way rather then useing some program. And I would just use MP3s and not any other format like WMAs.


So it's a hard disk player. So if you pull it out without stopping the device, you risk damageing it. If it was writeing to the disk while it was disconnected, you may have caused a HD failure. But since you just got it, I would replace it if you can't fix it right away.


True enough the post above... always make sure you eject the device before removing it from your comp. Some woman here @ work tried to help me use an ipod file transfer system and ending up wiping out my ipod memory... thank goodness I had them backed up but damn if it wasn't annoying trying to reload 600+ songs when you should be working LOL


hmm some progree to report...

since the origional meltdown i unhooked it and let it calm down a bit. Seems to have done something.

It now has the "writing" logo which is when a file is uploading. Something seems to have frozen - as currently there isnt anything to upload!

Its just sitting here looking at me, refusing to play.



Also, why would you need to use a media player at all with a Rio MP3 player? The software allows you to drag the song directly to the device. It even scans your files for music so you don't have to go searching for it.


i know that....


things still frozen.


Have you tried taking the batteries out for a time and letting the capasitors totaly drain out? Also, using the Rio software their should be a "Format Memory" function if you need to reformat the player. DOn't use Real or Windows media, they typicaly don't handle players very well.



So you didn't install the software? If that is the case, uninstall and reinstall the software. Then reformat the player...unless I misunderstand what happened.


basically the guy above has it right. Im gonna re-install the software and try to do what you guys have suggested. Im a techno-phobe and only just got over the wonder of fire!
Youll have to let me off Professor.


Hmmm someone suggested a HD device when he plans to use it for working out?

I would have recommended a flash device. But that's just me.


this worked. Thanks all!

T-Nation - great for loads of shit. Not just getting beefcake.


I have the Rio Nitrus which is a HD device. Never had a problem with the HD during my lifts and Cardio. I did have a problem with dropping an EZ curl bar on my lap and crushing the LCD screen. BUT, it still runs and plays perfectly. Other than that I would agree on the Flash over HD.


Glad I could help. Welcome to the technology age!!

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