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Damn Mosquitoes

Hey I live in southern california and I just recently found like 10 mosquito bites on me after waking up. Does anyone know any tricks to keeping these little bastards away? I’ve never really had a problem with mosquitos till a few days ago.

I’ve heard that a sheet of Bounce tucked in your belt loop will work. I was going to give that one a try this year since I can’t use mosquito repellant, but they haven’t been that bad so far. If you try it let me know if it works.

You’re going to have to figure out how the damn things got in your house in the first place.

Vitaminshoppe sells some deet free repellant. I have it up on my dresser now unused since I didn’t see fireworks this year.

Remove any standing water you have in the area, and any old tires and other crap that it may accumulate in. If you live near a swamp or stagnant pond, just get used to it, or call the local public health department and complain about West Nile virus.

What kind of Dam are these mosquitos coming from?

If I only knew… then I could eradicate all of them. I’m going to try the belt loop trick though. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I lived in the MS delta for a few years next to a bayou - learned all the tricks. Citronella, ‘Skin So Soft’ lotion, Deep Woods Off or anything with a high concentration of deets is good. I heard eating garlic works, never tried it. Like the other guy said, get rid of all your standing water if possible.

Thanks for the advice, removed all the water, and i’m going to get some of that high deet lotion and see what happens.